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The New & Improved Animoto Pro

Becky Brooks

The new Animoto

We kicked off the year with a new logo, a new look, and new styles. We’re happy to announce that we’re following that up with more exciting upgrades for our Pro users!

Here’s a rundown of some recently added features for Animoto Pro (and we’re just getting started!):

Multi-Song & Longer Videos

Multi-song Videos

You asked. We listened. And then got to work adding the ability to add more than one song per video.

We also increased the maximum video length by 10 minutes, making it easier for you to tell your story with video.

Triple Scoop Music

Triple Scoop Music

We also recently added 1,000 new songs from industry leader Triple Scoop Music for Animoto Pro and nearly 2,000 for Animoto Pro Premium.

Triple Scoop Music has thousands of hand-picked, curated and high-quality tracks that will work as powerful musical accompaniment to your videos.

Pro Photographer-Designed Styles

Vicki Taufer, Tamara Lackey, Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams

We’ve also been working with pro-photographers who use Animoto Pro for their business and life. The pro photographer video styles we created with Tamara Lackey, Vicki Taufer and Vanaessa Joy & Rob Adams are gorgeous, classic and beautiful video styles that we think you’ll love.

Check out Tamara Lackey’s video style, “Innocence” below using Triple Scoop Music song “We Grow” by Tyler Stenson:

Not already an Animoto Pro and want access to all these amazing new features? Upgrade today!