Industry News Roundup: WWDC, Social Video Stats, and Ranking Higher in Facebook’s News Feed

Megan O'Neill


We know you want to make the most of your video marketing and social marketing efforts. And a big part of that is understanding what’s going on in the industry right now. To that end, we’re trying something new — a regular roundup of social and video marketing industry news. We’d love to hear what you think, what you like, and what you’d like to hear more of. Leave a note in the comments and let us know.

And without further ado — here’s what’s new this week!

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Videos for Mobile Viewing: 90% of Facebook users access the platform on mobile devices. As such, it’s become increasingly important to optimize your marketing materials — and specifically your marketing videos — for mobile viewership. Animoto’s own Becky Brooks, the Head of our Customer Owner Department, recently wrote this great list of tips for optimizing your Facebook videos for the mobile news feed.

The 8 Biggest Announcements from Apple WWDC 2017: This week marked WWDC 2017 — Apple’s annual developer conference. During the keynote, Apple made a ton of new announcements, including iOS, macOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other updates. Natt Garun of The Verge put together this great roundup of some of the biggest announcements from Monday’s stage.

WWDC 2017

If you watched the keynote, you may have noticed our logo on stage! You can read more about that right here.

Improving the Integrity of News Feed: Principles for Publishers: Adam Mosseri, VP, News Feed at Facebook writes, “Publishers should create meaningful and informative stories that their audiences will find interesting” in order to reach their audiences. In this article from Facebook’s Media blog, he unpacks the meaning behind “meaningful” and “informative,” in regards to Facebook content, and provides tips for posting accurate, authentic content.

The State of Social Video Marketing: Marketing in a Video-First World [Infographic]: In case you missed it, this week we launched our annual report on the state of social video marketing. We surveyed 1,000 consumers and 500 marketers and discovered some pretty interesting things about how consumers are engaging with brands through social video — and what marketers can be doing to up their game.

Launching Instagram Placement for Click to Messenger Ads: For marketers looking to drive literal conversation with customers (or serve up chatbot experiences) through advertising, Facebook has announced the ability to start Messenger conversations directly from Instagram. They share the details on the Facebook Business blog.

Thanks for checking out our first Industry News Roundup! Again, please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.