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Brand Camp Day 2: Keep Learning

Moira West


Today at Brand Camp we heard from Marta Mateu Vilalta, Creative Strategist at Facebook and Instagram. Marta shared a ton of great information about how to make content that performs on Facebook, especially on mobile. Missed her talk? You can catch up on everything she had to say on our Brand Camp page.

Find out what works on social from Marta Mateu Vilalta, Creative Strategist at Facebook and Instagram

To help you get the most out of Marta’s talk, we’ve put together an overview, along with links to related content in case you want to learn even more.

Video statistics

Marta shared a couple really compelling stats that we wanted to reiterate here. For starters, people thumb through 300 feet of mobile feed every single day—that’s the height of the Statue of Liberty!

People thumb through 300 feet of mobile feed every single day

This is an important reminder of why you should create your videos with mobile in mind. And how do you stand out on mobile? High quality creative. Which brings us to Marta’s next stat: 56% of a brand’s sales lift from digital can be attributed to high-quality creative.

Creating better creative

So how do you make high-quality creative content? Here are some basics:

Keep it short

The sweet spot for high-performing ads tends to be between 6-10 seconds. but we've seen video ads perform well up to 15 seconds long. Videos like the seasonal sale promo below are just about the right length.

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Design for sound off

Make sure your video makes sense without sound, just in case your audience can’t pump up the volume while watching your content on a mobile device.

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Delight with sound on

Especially when it comes to Instagram Stories, sound shouldn’t be necessary, but should add something extra to the viewing experience.

Use the right shape for your platform

For Instagram or Facebook newsfeeds, a 1:1, square shape is the suggested aspect ratio. It lets viewers see both your call to action and the BUY NOW or LEARN MORE button. For IG and Facebook Stories, go for a 9:16, vertical aspect ratio.

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More advanced video tips for social media

Marta also shared some more detailed tips for creating videos that succeed on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at some of Facebook’s findings and check out a few ways you can put those findings into practice.

Combine static images and video

Facebook found that a mixed campaign featuring both static and video content had a bigger impact for advertisers than static images alone.

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Highlight the brand early

Marta emphasized how important it is to get your brand out front within the first 3 seconds of a video. Whether you’re showing off your brand colors, displaying your logo, or using product packaging to get your brand out there, don’t forget to connect your video to your brand early on.

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Showcase the product or service

Ultimately the content you create should be designed to inspire viewers to buy. That means most of your video should be devoted to your product or service.

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Get noticed on Facebook and Instagram

Using vivid colors, thumb-stopping visuals, and interesting text are all methods Marta mentioned for creating videos that get noticed.

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Provoke and promote with creative

Get your audience interested and get the word out about upcoming sales. Marta recommends asking questions or showing promos right away.

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Brand Camp continues tomorrow with a demo combining all the skills you’ve learned. Visit our Brand Camp page to find all three days of video education. Or just jump right in and start creating your own thumb-stopping video content with help from Marta’s tips.