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WARNING: Don’t Leave Your Phone Unattended #phonobomb

Megan O'Neill


If you ever visit the Animoto office, we’ve got one very important piece of advice for you: do not, under any circumstance, leave your phone unattended. If you do, we can promise you one thing: you will. get. phonobombed.

Phonobombing is the art of taking terrible selfies on unattended phones. Many of us on the Animoto team have fallen victim to this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad prank. So, in an effort to stop phonobombing before it becomes “a thing,” we wanted to make sure that you were completely aware of how it works. You know, knowledge is the first step to prevention.

On Androids and iPhones alike, it’s easy to take a photo on a stranger’s phone — even if the phone is locked. Simply swipe up from the bottom right corner and you’re good to go. Not that you would ever do a thing like that.

As we said, we’re only sharing this information with you so that we can put a stop to this heinous deed — not to inspire you to phonobomb your friends or coworkers. We would certainly never want to do that. And we certainly wouldn’t ask that, if you’ve been phonobombed, you share your images with us using the hashtag #phonobomb.

Thank you. That is all.