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Meet Our Team: Arijit, Head of Design & Artist

Megan O'Neill


Meet Arijit! Arijit joined the Animoto team in February as Head of Design. He says, “Animoto has an incredibly talented design team spanning motion, experience, and visual design. I’m here to help them do their best work. This means managing the team, improving process, providing education opportunities, and continuously pushing our design thinking.”

Arijit Das Animoto Head of Design

When Arijit isn’t working, he’s making art. “I’ve been an artist for most of my life. In both art and design, I think there’s a lot of opportunity to use creativity to enhance and improve people’s lives. Since my day job is very digital, my artwork tends to be analog. But both involve interaction and removing the line between audience and artist, between who is or is not a creative. This is one of the reasons I was excited to join Animoto. We provide a tool that I feel is incredibly empowering.”

Arijit created the following video about a recent project he worked on for Open Floor 2016, a fundraiser for the American Autism Association.

“I tried to recreate the experience of sensory play that creative arts therapists use with people with autism. Many people with autism have trouble processing and integrating sensory information. The practice of getting hands-on with textures and colors, often with stuff like paint, sand, shaving cream, and colored liquids, actually helps individuals better integrate into daily life. Since getting messy wasn’t an option for this event, I used yarn, fuzzballs, and feathers.

“I was so happy to see Animoto friends at the event. They kicked off the art and soon everyone else joined in. After the event, the pieces came back to Animoto where the rest of the New York office added to them. I hope everyone enjoyed making these pieces as much as I enjoyed watching them come to life!”

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