6 Best Songs for Real Estate Videos (Free to Use)

Megan O'Neill


Looking for the perfect song for your real estate video? We’ve got you covered. Animoto offers thousands of licensed music tracks that you can use for property tour videos, real estate agent bios, neighborhood tours, and beyond. We’ve compiled six of our favorites, inspired by home and family, that’ll help give your videos a soft, homey feel. Check the songs out in the video below and search the title or artist to find them in our music library.

  1. “Finding Home (Instrumental)” by Mindy Gledhill
  2. “Family Travels” by Kristian Sensini
  3. “My New Home” by Martie Echito
  4. “I’m At Home With You” by CK Barlow
  5. “7 Years” by Cedar Avenue
  6. “Making Memories” by Steve Fawcett

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