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September Social Holidays to Celebrate with Video

Eliza Talvola


September Social Holidays to Celebrate with Video September is here, and with it comes a new season, new beginnings, and new content ideas to captivate your audience with. Whether you’re going back to school, making a career change, or looking for new leads, we have the video templates that will get you noticed.

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There are more holidays and days of recognition in September than you might have remembered. Mark your calendar with any dates you don’t want to miss!

September Social Holidays

  • September 1: Back to School (Actual date may vary by region)
  • September 4: National Wildlife Day
  • September 5: International Day of Charity
  • September 5: Labor Day (U.S.)
  • September 8: International Literacy Day
  • September 10: Suicide Prevention Day
  • September 11: Twenty-first Anniversary of 9/11
  • September 11: Grandparents’ Day
  • September 17: Start of Oktoberfest
  • September 20: National Voter Registration Day (U.S.)
  • September 21: International Day of Peace
  • September 22: First Day of Fall (Northern Hemisphere)
  • September 25: Rosh Hashanah
  • September 27: World Tourism Day
  • September 30: International Podcast Day

September Video Ideas & Examples

September is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts, and we want to help you explore all of the possibilities on the horizon! From a new school year to a new career, we’ve rounded up some video ideas and examples to help you start your month on the right foot. For more ideas and inspiration, join our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community!


Students are coming back to school for the year and may need a bit more help than usual readjusting. Make them feel welcome and help them quickly and easily navigate their first few days back with our Back To School Greeting template. Whether introducing staff or sharing new safety protocols, your video will keep students engaged and informed.


With the National Wildlife Day, International Day of Charity, Suicide Prevention Day, and even more cause-centric holidays this month, raise awareness of a cause that’s close to your heart. There Cause Awareness Campaign is an eye-catching and engaging way to explain the “why?” behind your cause. Or, reach out and ask for donations with the Fundraising Explainer or Social Fundraising Ad templates.


There’s nothing like a long weekend for one last summer celebration. In addition to plenty of barbecued treats, consumers are looking to save big this weekend. Share your own Labor Day promotion with a video! The Memorial Day Sale template is a near-perfect solution for this September holiday, but you can also customize any of our Product Promotion templates to suit your sale.


If you’re a list-lover, spread the wealth with your social media followers! Whether your list consists of 5 fall products you can’t wait for your customers to get their hands on or your go-to fall coffee orders, share the love with your followers. Give this Top 5 List template a spin.


September is ending on a high note with International Podcast Day. This is a great time to share and support your favorite podcast or share a teaser of the next episode of your own podcast. Use the Podcast Teaser template to add visual context to your podcast and record your own voice-overs for an exclusive “director’s cut”.


The holidays are still a few months away, but now is the time to pique prospects’ interests and build brand awareness. Generate attention and let potential customers know where and how to find your business online with the Find Us Online template.

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Happy planning! We can’t wait to see what you create.