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iPhone App Update Makes Sharing Video on Facebook Even Easier

Becky Brooks


The latest update to Animoto’s iPhone app makes it roughly 18 million times easier to share awesome videos on Facebook.

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But it is pretty darn easy now.

Here’s the lowdown…

Share Mobile Video on Facebook

Update the latest version of the Animoto iPhone app (or go download it if you haven’t already!). Check out the videos you’ve created recently or even forever ago.
Once you find your most share-worthy video, click the button at the bottom of your video and start sharing!

And don’t worry–Animoto will only sync up with your Facebook account if you’re registered at Animoto with the email you use on Facebook.

Sharing Animoto Mobile

If you love the app update, give us a review in the iTunes store.  We’ll return the favor by continuing to make Animoto more fun and easy to use!