Spotlight on Business: Focusing on Solutions & Outcomes with Alan Berg

Megan O'Neill


For this week’s edition of our Spotlight on Business series, we had the opportunity to speak with Alan Berg, certified professional speaker and business and marketing expert. Alan uses Animoto to promote his speaking engagements across the country and around the world with videos like this:

We asked Alan, why video? He told us, “Video is much more engaging than text or still images. Plus people can get to know the person behind the content in a way they cannot by reading alone.”

When it comes to creating marketing videos for his speaking engagements, Alan says one thing is key: “With any marketing, it’s important to include the deliverables for the audience,” he says. “What will they get by attending? Talk to them in terms of how they will benefit and what problem it will solve, or what gain they’ll get. People buy solutions and outcomes.

Don’t just tell people you’ll be presenting and expect them to line up at the door – let them know why they should come see you speak and how they’ll benefit from the experience. In the same way, when marketing a product, do more than simply show the product and say what it is. Focus on what problem the product solves and how a potential buyer will benefit from having it in their life.

In this video for his Influence 2015 presentation on “5 Signs It’s Time To Fire Your Website,” Alan not only explains what he’ll be presenting, but also offers up 4 things viewers can do to improve their website conversion right now. If the marketing video already provides so much value, imagine how much you can learn from attending the event itself.

You can find Alan on Facebook and Twitter, or find out more on his website.

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