Tap into the power of video

If you aren’t using video to strengthen company culture, attract fresh customers, and engage your teams, you're barely scratching the surface! Watch our on-demand webinar now to unveil the latest business video trends and the newest Animoto features that will bring them to life.

What you'll learn

Video Trends Beyond Social Media

Learn how to use video throughout your business to engage audiences, streamline processes, and amplify your brand presence.

A Guide to Year-Round Video Engagement

Video isn't a one-time affair! Explore new ways to use video to engage your teams and customers all year long.

Best Practices for Video Creation

Discover real-world examples and best practices for creating videos that resonate with your audience.

How do we know what’s trending?

Animoto surveyed individuals from 400 different U.S. businesses to learn about how they currently use video and plan to use video in their organizations.

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