See how Liferaft’s Marketing team has used Animoto to slash their production times and empower more video creators.
The Goal

Make video a core part of the marketing strategy

Meet Natasha, Product Marketing Manager and marketing team leader at Liferaft, an insurtech business building technical solutions that make healthcare and insurance more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly.

When Natasha joined the team, she made video a priority. “It’s important to have video in your toolkit. Search algorithms prioritize websites that feature video, and even beyond that — videos help us to build trust and credibility with potential clients. Insurance can be a complicated, intimidating topic, video helps us simplify concepts and make our brand and products feel more approachable.”

The challenge

A small marketing team with a lot on their plate

“We have a fast-paced, startup atmosphere, and the expectations on our marketing team are high. We need to produce content quickly, and it needs to look the part.”

Natasha did have experience working with professional video editing tools, but they were time-consuming and totally inaccessible for other members of the team. It simply wasn’t practical to train her team and expect them to start producing high-quality videos in a time-frame that made sense.

“There was a lot we wanted to do, from paid advertising campaigns to videos for our website and the Liferaft Blog, the list was growing. We just needed a tool that allowed us to create them.”

Animoto simplifies video creation without sacrificing quality. Our team produces videos in an hour or two that would take days with a tool like Premiere.
Natasha von Kaenel,

Product Marketing Manager

Why Animoto

Intuitive design meets professional output

With a small team and a long list of priorities, Natasha needed a tool that would allow anyone, not just her, to create professional-quality videos, fast. “My role isn't solely video creation, and neither is my team's. We required something that anyone could use right out of the gate, no extensive training needed,"

With Animoto, she found everything she was looking for. The drag and drop editing made creation accessible for everyone, and the built-in animations and effects gave their videos a professional look and feel.

With their shared workspace, Natasha was able to easily add her team, and create a saved brand that ensures that no matter who’s creating, their key branding elements like their font and colors remain consistent.

The team has been able to make video a meaningful part of their content strategy, creating videos for their website, blog, and paid campaigns. They’re even using Animoto to create videos that their partners use on their websites.

“Our team has been delighted with the results. The ease with which we can now produce partner-ready content is a testament to Animoto's capabilities. It's a breeze to craft polished, persuasive videos that look like they took a team of pros to make."

Key Takeaways


Liferaft has condensed the video creation process from days to hours.


The team can create high-quality videos on their own.


Their videos have inspired internal confidence and external interest.

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