See how Aircall’s Product Marketing team uses video to get sales, success, and support teams on the same page.
The Goal

Launch Aircall’s new Conversation Center

Cyndi Knapic is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Aircall, the leading phone and communication platform for growing businesses.

As part of the launch of their new Conversation Center feature, Cyndi needed to ensure that their global sales, account, and support teams had the information they needed to convert and assist prospects and customers effectively.

The Challenge

8 offices, 5 time-zones, 3 departments

With a hybrid workforce stretching across multiple continents, getting everyone on the same page is easier said than done, and it’s Cyndi’s job to make sure that Aircall’s frontline teams are ready for launch.

“When we launch a new feature or product, we need everyone to understand how to talk about it, how it compares to industry, the nuances of how to demo it, and any release timelines.”

Video allows Cyndi to communicate efficiently and at scale with teams around the world.

“Video is the easiest way for me to make things engaging and simple. I can try to schedule a dozen meetings with teams on three continents and at least as many timezones, write a doc or email that I know not everyone is going to read, or create a video that says everything I need it to say and shows everything I need it to show. It’s a pretty easy decision.”

Making videos isn't my main job, but they've still got to look good! I've used a few editors before and Animoto hits the sweet spot between customization and ease of use.
Cyndi Knapic,

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Why Animoto

Videos that people will actually watch

With a busy product roadmap, there’s rarely a break in the action for Cyndi and the Product Marketing team. For smaller releases and updates, they might just create a quick screen recording, but for significant launches like the Conversation Center, she turns to Animoto.

“Screencaptures and meeting recordings have become so commonplace that they’re just not that exciting. When I need to make sure I’m getting our team’s attention, a little bit of editing goes a long way. Spending that little bit of extra time to add text, animations, and our branding makes a world of difference when it comes to cutting through the clutter and getting my point across.”

With Animoto’s screen recording, voice-over, and animated elements, Cyndi can whip up a video that takes almost 10 meetings off her calendar.

“I’m able to create videos for projects that would never be prioritized if we had to use an agency or contractor. Even as a non-video person, I can create engaging and informative videos that really stand out in less than an hour. Everything comes back to efficiency, and with Animoto, I’m able to use my time more effectively.”

Key Takeaways

Elevate your internal communications
Get your team on the same page
Cut through messaging and email fatigue

Make your own videos in minutes

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