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Create tantalizing recipe videos by combining your photos and video clips with bold animated text. Animoto makes it easy, regardless of your video editing experience.

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Recipe videos made simple

Video helps you connect with people right from your kitchen. Create Tasty-style video recipes for a fast, effective way to engage and attract a new audience. With Animoto, you can make delicious cooking videos without a professional video editor. The process is easy as 1-2-3. Just upload your photos or video clips, add music and animated text, preview, and publish.

Success Story

See how Mezzetta Foods hopped on a viral trend

When a Mississippi roast recipe featuring one of their products went viral online, Mezzetta Foods wanted to jump on the trend while the topic was still on everyone’s minds. Usually, they’d create a cooking video the old-fashioned way, but hiring a production team would mean that the project would have taken six weeks to complete. Instead, they used Animoto to create a video in minutes. The fast turnaround let them capitalize on the trend and join in the conversation. Their video was shared 2,600 times and received 399,000 views, all while cutting video production costs by 75 percent.

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How to make a cooking video with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, fonts, text, and music
  4. Produce and share your recipe video

Make a cooking video in minutes

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