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Create tantalizing recipe videos by combining your photos and video clips with bold animated text. Animoto makes it easy, regardless of your video editing experience.

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Video helps you connect with people right from your kitchen. Create Tasty-style video recipes for a fast, effective way to engage and attract a new audience. With Animoto, you can make delicious cooking videos without a professional video editor. The process is easy as 1-2-3. Just upload your photos or video clips, add music and animated text, preview, and publish.

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Tabletop recipe

Run your audience through a fun, creative recipe in just under one minute. The Tabletop Recipe storyboard includes eye-catching effects and a snappy soundtrack to grab attention and get viewers excited about your dish.

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Bite-sized recipe

If you want to give your audience a brief taste of your cooking prowess, the Recipes storyboard is a good pick. Treat it like a 30-second video ad summarizing your dish and making your viewers hungry for more.

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Step-by-step tutorial

Break down your recipes from start to finish in a way that feels doable and fun. Show viewers how to go from gathering the right ingredients to putting on scrumptious finishing touches with bright visuals and text.

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Tips for making your recipe video sizzle

  1. Lay out a planWrite out the steps of your recipe before filming. This way you won't leave anything out while you're shooting. Make sure to label your video files, so you can easily identify which is which when uploading.
  2. Make the first 3 seconds countYour viewer decides whether or not they want to keep watching within the first 3 seconds of your video. So begin with a delectable shot of your finished recipe to tempt your audience into watching your whole video from start to finish.
  3. Prep for social mediaA few small tweaks can elevate your video and give it a professional edge. Simple things like shooting for square proportions when posting to platforms like Facebook or Instagram can help you take up more space in social feeds. And if you add your brand logo as a watermark in the corner of the video, you'll skillfully start to work your brand into viewers' memories.

Where to share your videos, why, and how

  1. Get into detail on YouTubeYouTube gives you the opportunity to create long-form tutorials, that drive traffic to your website or blog, or work as stand-alone content. When you're planning your video, remember that YouTube videos look best when they have horizontal proportions. Don't forget that audio is more important on YouTube than on most other social sites, so even if you're not planning to talk during your tutorials, consider using Animoto's voice-over tool or just choose music from our library of thousands of songs.
  2. Drive traffic through FacebookFacebook recipe videos can act as teaser for other content and boost traffic to your site. Try a shorter version of your recipe to whet your audience's appetite, then send them right to a blog post or a product page. For best results, go for a square video, which will take up more space in the News Feed. Remember to add clear text for viewers who watch with the sound off.
  3. Build your brand on InstagramInstagram is one of the fastest-growing social sites, and video can help you develop your following there. Focus on creating a consistent look and keep your posts nice and short. Instagram has time limitations—15 seconds for Stories and 60 seconds for your feed or ads. Try Animoto’s animated text effects to add an extra attention-grabbing element to your posts. You can also switch to an Instagram-feed friendly square video right in Animoto, too.

Your recipe for cooking video best practices

  1. Include clear, informative textThough your audience will watch what you’re doing, text helps them reproduce what you’re making. Give viewers easy-to-read text that takes them through your process. Then add a bit of flair with Animoto’s animated text effects and other customization options. The extra bit of style will give you a more dynamic video and encourage your audience to try, and share, your recipe themselves.
  2. Add in some video clipsWhen it comes to cooking or baking videos, video footage is what makes viewers stop scrolling. The extra bit of motion draws the eye and makes your audience want to watch to the end. If you don’t have many video clips, try to add at least one to the start of your video to hook your audience right away. A short video clip of your finished dish is a great place to start.
  3. Remember your call to actionWhen you give viewers a simple, clear call to action, it’s more likely they’ll do what you want them to. So at the end of your video, let your audience know what you’d like them to do. Should they visit your site for the full recipe? Buy a product used in the video? Whatever your goal may be, it doesn’t take long to add it to the end of your video or include it as part of your video’s description.

Case study

See how Mezzetta Foods hopped on a viral trend

When a Mississippi roast recipe featuring one of their products went viral online, Mezzetta Foods wanted to jump on the trend while the topic was still on everyone’s minds. Usually, they’d create a cooking video the old-fashioned way, but hiring a production team would mean that the project would have taken six weeks to complete. Instead, they used Animoto to create a video in minutes. The fast turnaround let them capitalize on the trend and join in the conversation. Their video was shared 2,600 times and received 399,000 views, all while cutting video production costs by 75 percent.





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How to make a cooking video with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, fonts, text, and music
  4. Produce and share your recipe video

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