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7 Tips for Shooting a Tasty-Style Recipe Video

Megan O'Neill


Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe videos have taken the Internet by storm. If you’re trying to achieve this look in your own social media videos, we’ve put together a list of tips. Check out our own tabletop recipe example, which you can customize to make your own, and then read on for the tips.

Tasty Video Tip #1: Shoot from above…

One of the most recognizable attributes of a Tasty video is the bird’s eye view shot from above. At Social Media Week NYC 2018, Claire King, Head of Culinary at Tasty, shared that the top-down perspective really resonates with audiences because the viewer feels like the hands in the video could be their own hands. It helps the recipe feel achievable.

Need a little help getting set up for an overhead shot? Check out our post on how to DIY an overhead shot with what you have.

Tasty Video Tip #2: But don’t ONLY shoot from above!

But wait! Don’t only shoot from above. While the top-down perspective looks great, it can get repetitive if that’s all you include. So try shooting the scene from a few other angles, including closeups of the most delicious parts, to add some variety. You'll notice we included a mix of shots and angles we in our tabletop recipe video above.

Tasty Video Tip #3: Use props to set the scene.

Using props can help you set the stage for whatever recipe you’re making—not to mention it can make your video a little more appealing when you’re showing blander steps of your recipe like putting flour and sugar in a bowl. Making a pumpkin pie? Why not place a small pumpkin on the table? Making Christmas cookies? A little bit of tinsel or gift wrap can help set the stage.

Tasty Video Tip #4: Begin with the tastiest shot.

Before you dive into the recipe, show people the final product. That’s what’s going to entice them to stick around. You want them to say, “Wow, what’s that? How can I make that?” So take a mouth-watering photo or video clip of your delicious dish and put it right at the front of your video, along with a text title about what the recipe is called.

Tasty Video Tip #5: Provide clear instructions.

Speaking of text, in these types of videos it’s so important to use text to make it very clear what your making and how to make it. While a lot of people watch Tasty videos just to drool and imagine how the dish might taste, many genuinely want to learn and try the recipe out for themselves. They’ll be frustrated if you don’t provide instructions with enough information for them to dive in and start cooking on their own.

You don’t have to provide every detail in your video, but you should provide enough that the viewer gets a sense of what creating the dish entails. And if more details are needed, always include a link to the full recipe in a place that’s easy for viewers to discover.

Tasty Video Tip #6: Play with time-lapse.

Play with the time-lapse feature on your phone. This will allow you to shorten watch time while still showing all of the steps of your recipe in their entirety. You can also strategically cut out the middle of longer processes. For instance, if you were cutting up vegetables, you could show just the first couple seconds of cutting each veggie before cutting to the next.

Tasty Video Tip #7: Show motion.

Finally, when shooting your Tasty-style recipe video, think about motion. Instead of starting the first shot with an empty bowl and the next shot with a bowl with flour already in it, press record while you’re pouring the flour. It’ll make your video more visually appealing and will stand out more to hungry viewers scrolling through their news feeds.

Choose a recipe template from the Tutorial category in our template selector and start creating your Tasty-style recipe video!