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Inspiration: 5 Father’s Day Video Ideas

Eliza Talvola


Creating a video is like any other creative project–it’s hard to get started if you haven’t got inspiration. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five simple and quick ideas to help inspire your video this Father’s Day.

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Idea #1: Thank him for being a great dad

Dads do a lot for us, and what better day than Father’s Day to let him know he’s appreciated? Make a video thanking him for all he does, or help your kids create one of their own. The final product can look something like this:

Idea #2: Send love from far away

Whether you or your Dad are far from home this Father’s Day, a video can make the distance seem a little bit smaller. Even though our Chief Video Officer Sally Sargood can’t get back to Australia for Father’s Day, she sends her love by creating beautiful videos to share with her Dad back home.

Idea #3: Record an interview

If you want Dad to know exactly why you love him, get on camera and tell him! Sit down in front of the camera and share your favorite memories with your father and what he’s meant to you over the years. You can also get your kids into the act, and ask them to answer a few questions about Dad and why they love him.

Idea #4: Make a nostalgic slideshow

Dig into those old family photos and give Dad a video full of fond memories. You can create a timeline showing you or your children growing up, or find another way to group photos that’ll have special meaning for your father.

Idea #5: Make him laugh with some dad jokes

If your Dad’s a bit of a cornball, why not appeal to his sense of humor? This article has tons of groan-worthy Dad jokes to help get your gears turning. Try including knock-knock jokes, reciting a silly poem, or listing off some puns like we do in the video below.

More Father's Day video tips


The simplest way to organize your video is chronologically. When you put your photos and video clips in time order, it tells a clear story. Start from when the dad of the hour became a father and bring your video up through the present.


Change up the song in your video to match your father’s taste in music. Search our song library by genre or mood to find a tune that works for your video. When you upgrade to the Professional or Professional Plus plans, you’ll gain access to over 3,000 music tracks! You can also upload a licensed song from your own music library if you have a particular tune you know Dad likes.


Add an extra-special touch and warm Dad’s heart with Voice-over. With the Professional and Professional Plus plans, you can record, edit, and upload a personalized voice-over to help narrate your story. Check out this article for inspiration, tips, and tricks!


There’s more than one way to share your video with Dad. Schedule your video to be emailed on Father’s Day, or if you’ll see Dad in person, save it to a USB drive and wrap it!

You can also share your video on social media directly from Animoto, or show your video on a TV with a little planning so he can enjoy it at a Father’s Day party.

Show us what you’ve created!

If you’ve created a video for Father’s Day, we’d love to see it! Share it in our Facebook group, The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.

Which ideas will you use to create your Father's Day video gift this year?