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Generate personalized, unique, and compelling scripts for free with our online AI script generator.

Go from idea to script in seconds

You know your business. We know video. Input your rough ideas and let our AI scriptwriter polish them into an engaging script. Your story, our expertise, blended seamlessly. Then take your script and turn it into a powerful, professional video with our easy-to-use video editing tools.

Create compelling AI generated scripts

All you need is an idea

Our AI script generator gives you a starting point that’s personalized to you.

Say goodbye to writer’s block

Leave the writing to us. Our script generator can turn any idea into a compelling narrative.

Save your valuable time

Scripting takes time. Well, it used to. Now it takes seconds.

Your idea, your script, your video

Give us the basics

Tell us what kind of video you're creating. Then input any details that you want to include in the final video, such as the destination, audience, product or business name, and any specific messaging points.

Generate your script

Push a button and let our AI script generator go to work creating you a unique and compelling script.

Add your media and customize

Your script will be automatically applied to your video, giving you a starting point that's completely unique to you. Then use our drag and drop tools and licensed media to make the video your own.

More than an AI Script Generator

How to use the AI Script Generator

  1. Select what kind of video you're creating and input any details or information you want to be included in your script.
  2. Generate a custom, personalized script for your video.
  3. Your script will be automatically brought into an Animoto project
  4. Add media and bring your script to life with our easy editing tools.

AI Script Generator FAQs

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