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Easily create school marketing videos. Connect with your school community and boost enrollment, while also enriching students’ classroom experience by using video in teaching.

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Make eye-catching school promotional videos with ease. Quickly create video newsletters, fundraise and recruit with private school marketing videos, and add technology to the classroom with our video maker for teachers, administrators, and students. With a beginner-friendly interface, Animoto makes it easy to help your whole school communicate better, with video.

Looking for our free video app for your classroom? Sign up here for an Animoto Classroom account for you and your students.

How to create a video in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Choose a template and add photos and video clips

Whether you’re developing a school newsletter, promoting a fundraiser, or looking to drive recruitment, you can adapt one of our dozens of pre-built storyboard templates to fit your needs.

Step 2

Customize your video

Drag and drop your own images, video clips, and logo right into your video, or search our library of Getty Images stock photos and video clips to find visuals for your project. Then change up the storyboard text or find a new song for your project in our music library. Try adding your school colors or pinning your school mascot or logo to the corner of your video with our watermark feature.

Step 3

Share with your school community

Post your video on the school website, include it in an email, or share your project on social media to reach students, parents, and even your local community.

Promote your school with video

  1. Give a virtual campus tourCreate a school promotional video to show potential students around. Use Animoto to highlights the amenities, faculty, and campus culture that set your school apart.
  2. Connect with alumniHelp alums keep in touch with video updates showing what classmates are up to. Let your former students know how they can stay involved and give back to their alma mater.
  3. Create a fundraising videoRaise funds or solicit donations for school programs or for charity with a striking video. Describe exactly what you need, why you need it, and the impact donors will have if they contribute.

Develop hands-on learning that fits any subject

  1. Using video in teachingPresent assignments that can’t go home with students by photographing student work and posting it on the class website or sharing it in class. Or use our educational video maker to create custom presentations that fit your curriculum.
  2. Assign projects that reach all learnersEncourage visual and auditory literacy with projects that give students time for active, independent learning. Animoto also promotes differentiated instruction, letting advanced students create more elaborate videos, while offering more support for students who need it.
  3. Add technology to the classroomTry our classroom app to develop video-based lessons for students. Offer real-world edtech skills that will allow students to skillfully and responsibly use video outside the classroom. Apply for a free Animoto classroom account here.

Connect with your school community through social media

  1. Reach parents, students, and alumni where they spend their timeThe average person spends about two hours a day on social media, and most social media platforms now prioritize video content over text or images. That means adding video your social posts will expand their reach, while letting you create more dynamic posts that’ll stand out in your school community.
  2. Make sure important bulletins get seenPost videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to increase visibility when you’re sharing events, deadlines, school closings, and more. You can even share several important events at once with a quick, informative video newsletter.
  3. Create a platform for sports, teams, and clubsRecruit for school activities or promote games and competitions with video posted on school social media. Share a virtual pep rally, tease upcoming editions of the school newspaper, or post information about performances and events. Your social posts will help the students involved feel seen, and remind the rest of your school community to come out to support their classmates.

Success Story

Raising awareness and driving recruitment with video

When static ads failed to connect with prospective students, San Jacinto Christian Academy turned to video. Without much money for private school marketing, the academy created an ad using Animoto and spent just $50 promoting it. That was enough to net the school more than 7000 views and more than 100 shares, building awareness of the school in the local community and helping them reach a whole new pool of potential San Jacinto students.





Create in Minutes

Get started with video marketing for schools

School Promotional Video

Drive admissions and increase awareness in your local community with a targeted promo video. Create charter or private school marketing that lays out the reasons why your institute offers the best education around.

Fundraising Announcement

Create an easy-to-share video for your next fundraiser with a heartwarming appeal that encourages donations. Make sure to let students, parents and alumni know how long your drive will be and what they can do to help.

School Newsletter

Spread all the latest news in a quick video digest that students won’t lose at the bottom of their bookbags. Include important dates, like Back to School Night, and interesting news, like team wins or event recaps.

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