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Easily create school marketing videos. Connect with your school community and boost enrollment, while also enriching students’ classroom experience by using video in teaching.

A marketing tool for schools; a classroom app for students

Make eye-catching school promotional videos with ease. Quickly create video newsletters, fundraise and recruit with private school marketing videos, and add technology to the classroom with our video maker for teachers, administrators, and students. With a beginner-friendly interface, Animoto makes it easy to help your whole school communicate better, with video.

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Success Story

Raising awareness and driving recruitment with video

When static ads failed to connect with prospective students, San Jacinto Christian Academy turned to video. Without much money for private school marketing, the academy created an ad using Animoto and spent just $50 promoting it. That was enough to net the school more than 7000 views and more than 100 shares, building awareness of the school in the local community and helping them reach a whole new pool of potential San Jacinto students.

Why Animoto?

Everything you need to get started

Drag. Drop. Impress.

Easily drag and drop your own photos and video clips into pre-built templates, designed to help you stand out on social media and beyond.

Style it the way you want

Customize your videos. Choose from 28 fonts, add your own brand colors and logo to create professional videos that match your unique brand.

Look like an expert

Choose from a variety of professionally-designed video styles and templates to create videos that stack up to the big brands you see on social.

Need additional accounts?

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I encourage every school to consider using Animoto Professional for their own PR efforts and video needs...the time to create these videos is minimal in comparison to the effect and result.
Joseph M. Pisano, PH.D,

Professor of Music, Grove City College


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Create and share videos for free. Upgrade anytime for more customization.

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