Graduation day is almost here! If you’re looking to create a slideshow or video to celebrate a high school graduation, a college graduation, or even a little one saying goodbye to preschool, it can be tricky to find a tune that matches the importance and the excitement of earning a diploma. We put together a list of songs that’s both joyful and tuned into the many other emotions grads feel when they walk out in their cap and gown.

Check out a sample of each in the video below, then search for the track names or artists in our music selector to add them to your video.

Slideshow Video Style: Soft Focus

  • “All In” by Jason Pfaff
  • “Once” by Michael Maina
  • “This Is Your Day” Celine Allan
  • “Can We Stay” (Heavy Hands remix) by the Woodlands
  • “You Lift Me Up” by Mikey Wax (Hot AC Remix)
  • “I Want You” by John Garrison

Do you have a favorite song for graduations? Post it in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with hashtag #MyAnimoto.