3 Ways to Show Grandma & Grandpa Some Love with Video

Beth Forester


A warm hug, a homemade meal, incredible stories of the past — these are just some of the wonderful things we often associate with grandparents. Many of us share a special relationship with our grandmothers and grandfathers, and video is beautiful to honor that relationship. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate grandparents, whether it's Grandparents Day, birthdays, or any day just to show you care.

Grandparent video idea #1: A video featuring both grandparents and grandkids

We love the idea of putting together a video filled with photos of grandparents and grandkids together, like in the one below:

Check out social media accounts and raid your Camera Roll to find images that’ll give you a heartwarming video to share with Grandma or Grandpa. If you haven’t made a video like this before, check out our post on creating a memories video to learn how.

Grandparent video idea #2: A video featuring just the grandchildren

If there’s one universal truth among grandparents, it’s a love for photos of the grandkids—whether the grandchildren are three weeks old or 30 years old. And since most parents take a seemingly endless number of photos of their kids as they grow, it’s easy to pull together a slideshow of some favorite family moments. Be sure to mix in a few title cards to add little notes for grandma and grandpa, or use captions to provide helpful context about the images you’re using.

Grandparent video idea #3: Celebrate your grandparents' relationship

Why make a video for one grandparent at a time? Dig through old family photos to find pictures of your grandparents way back when and use them to make a slideshow. Include some photos of the wedding, the kids, and—of course—the grandkids. All together, you'll have a touching slideshow that'll show how much you care while celebrating how much your grandparents care for each other.

Do you have ideas for grandparent-related videos? Share your ideas in the comments section below!