Simple Tips to Help You Make an Amazing DIY Graduation Video

Moira West


This post was updated on May 9, 2019.

Cap and gown season is upon us. And while grads are celebrating their diplomas, you're ready to celebrate them. So pull out your favorite photos of your graduates and get ready to learn how to make a beautiful graduation video.

What to include in your college or high school graduation video

Before you put together your video or slideshow, take some time to collect all the photos and video clips you’ll need to tell your grad’s story. Here are a few types of photos or video clips you might want to include:

  • The early years: Show your grad how far they’ve come with an image from the first day of school or a preschool graduation photo.
  • Extracurricular activities: School isn’t just about academics—show some extracurricular accomplishments, too! Add in a few photos and video clips featuring teams and clubs your grad participated in.
  • Family and friends: Share vacation or holiday photos to show your graduate happily surrounded by those they love.
  • Big school moments: Include a few of your grad’s’ major school highlights—their prom, homecoming games, or awards ceremonies all merit the cut.
  • What’s next: Is your grad off to college? Off to work? Include some shots of what’s to come or share wishes for their future.
  • Graduation day: Because Animoto videos can be made so quickly, you can add graduation day photos to a project and share it minutes later. You can even make a video that’s just about graduation day itself!

What to say in your graduation video

When you add text to your video, think of it as telling a story. Talk about your grad’s journey towards their degree from the beginning through the present. If you’re unsure of what to write, try talking out what you want to say and write down what you come up with.

Still have writer's block? Visit our post on graduation quotes. We’ve got famous, funny, and heartfelt sayings to help you find the right words to say, including the ones below.

Tips for designing your graduation video

Animoto lets you customize your video any way you like, with options for changing colors, fonts, and more. Take a look at a few ways you can help your graduation video look its best.

  • Choose a template: A video template is already designed for you, so starting with a template takes a lot of the work out of making a video. We recommend our Happy Birthday Slideshow for graduations, but you can pick and customize any template that you like.
  • Select colors: Since it’s graduation, show your school pride one last time! Choose your graduate’s school colors to accent your video. If those don’t work for you, just pick out your grad’s favorite colors to customize the video for them.
  • Add in video clips. A few short video clips can add extra movement and energy to your graduation slideshow. Check social media accounts or even record a couple quick interviews with friends and family to elevate your video. You can trim your video clip or mute it right in Animoto.

Graduation slideshows with music

Music can help amplify the mood you’re trying to create with your video. If you’re making a graduation video for your child, try a sweet instrumental. Celebrating your own ceremony? Try a high-energy track to match the excitement of graduation day.

Animoto has a library of commercially licensed songs you can use in any of your videos. We’ve got a few favorites, shown below, but you can use our music filters to find one that fits your grad. You can also upload your own licensed music into your video if you have a favorite song you really want to use.

Sharing your graduation video

Posting on social media

Let friends and family who can’t be there get in on the excitement on graduation day. Just click on your video on your My Videos page, select the social network you’d like to share to, and you’re done! Visit our Help Center for more details.

Watching a graduation slideshow at a party

Want to share your slideshow at a graduation party? We cover exactly how set up your graduation video for an audience in this blog post.

Sharing Facebook or IG Stories

Show the moment-by-moment excitement of graduation day with a vertical video. You can add extra style to your Faceboo or Instagram Story using Animoto’s Social Video Editor app for iOS devices. Drop graduation photos and footage into beautiful video templates, customize, and share right to Instagram.

Whether you’re an educator or a parent, if you need a little more inspiration, check out our graduation video page. Then get started creating your own graduation video slideshow.