How to Make an About Me or Self Introduction Video

Moira West


It may be hard to talk about yourself. But making a video about yourself can be pretty easy, even if you don’t know exactly where to start.


We’ve written a guide to give you everything you need to make an eye-catching video all about you or your business. Learn what you should include in your video, find a few template suggestions, and get some tips to make sure your video looks its best. Ready to get started?

How to make a video about yourself

You can start your About Me video from scratch or try out one of our templates, such as the Self-Introduction template shown below.

Whether you choose a template or design your own video, here are 4 things you should make sure to have in your About Me video.

Introduce yourself

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to introduce yourself! In a few words explain why you are worth paying attention to. What do you do well or what makes you different from other people in your field? If you have a business, what stands out about it? Those details let you separate yourself from your competition— or other videos vying for viewers’ attention.

Add some detail

Include two or three facts about you or your business. Here’s where you can talk about your interests or previous experience. If you’re giving details about your business, you could mention how long you’ve been around or if you have a particular specialty. This part of the video lets your audience get a sense of your personality. It begins to build a picture of you as a person or let viewers get to know the spirit of your business.

Include a call to action

Give viewers a strong call to action that lets them know what you’d like them to do next. Send traffic to your store or website, encourage them to comment, or give them another way they can get in touch with you. Make sure to include a link or phone number to ensure your audience ends up where you want them to go. Check out our post on writing calls to action for tips and examples you can use in your video.

Self-introduction video ideas

There are lots of ways to make a self-introduction or About Me video. We put together a list of some easy-to-make video introductions, along with suggestions for when you might use them and where you might want to share them.

Focus on you

A self-introduction video can give potential employers or customers a window into who you are and what you’d be like to work with. Giving a few details can help your viewers feel like they know—and like you—long before you meet. You can use your self-introduction video on social sites like LinkedIn, or share it with co-workers when you begin a new job to help them get to know you.

The video below, which was created using the Self-Introduction template, builds a picture of a person with a variety of interests—including interest in their field. It wouldn’t take long to do the same for your own About Me video. Just replace the included answers with a list of your own interests and skills.

Share what inspires you

Knowing why you do what you do can go a long way to inspire trust in your audience. So explain what you’re passionate about and why. Then tell your audience why that passion makes you so good at what you do. This type of About Me video would make a great addition to your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages. Check out the Personal Story template below to see how you can tell your story in an emotional, inspiring way.

Highlight your brand

If you’d rather not talk about yourself, create an About Me video for your business. Mention the elements that make your brand special. Is it a small, local business? Family run? Or do you make your products in a one-of-a-kind way? Try to include photos of you or your employees at work to add a human element to your video.

You can add this type of video as a YouTube channel trailer or as a featured video on Facebook. It’s also a smart choice for a website. Try our About Us template to get started—it’s quick, sophisticated, and works with just a few photos.

Promote your content

You don’t have to stop after you introduce yourself. Use your intro video as a way to spread the word about your blog or other online content.

The YouTube Trailer template shares a little bit about DEMESTIK founder Reuben Reuel and why he’s qualified to give advice about fashion design. At the same time, photos and video clips show off Reuben’s gorgeous work.

When you’re using this type of About Me video, it makes sense to promote it like an ad—especially on platforms like YouTube or Instagram.


Share a list

Put a fun, social-media-ready spin on your About Me video by turning it into a list or a series of fun facts about you or your business. The video below uses our School Promo template to make a list of reasons you should stop by their business. But there are lots of ways you could get creative. A top 5 list can set you apart and make your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn audience want to learn more.

Make your video about the customer

Sometimes you can talk about yourself by talking about what you can offer your customer. For instance, in this About Me video from Christopher Todd Studios, Christopher explains all the ways he can help his clients get memorable wedding photos that last a lifetime. Though he talks about himself, his entire video is designed to convince potential clients that he’s a good choice for their wedding.

Videos like this fit well on websites, or as YouTube channel trailers or Facebook featured videos. And while the video above features video clips, you could create a similar video with just photos and text if your resources are more limited.

About Me video tips

Before you get started on your About Me video, check out our tips to make sure it looks its best.

Grab attention

A good beginning helps draw in viewers and keep them watching. Here are a few ways to start your video off that’ll make your audience want to learn more about you.

  • Begin with a beautiful or dynamic image
  • Create a webcam recording to speak directly to your audience and make a personal connection
  • Start with a video clip—the movement will stand out
  • Include a high-energy burst of photos
  • Ask an interesting question

Use music to tell a story

Music can add an emotional component to your video, setting the mood for your story. At the same time, the song you choose says a lot about you. Are you energetic? Focused? Easy-going? Think about a few words that describe you. Then use our search tool to find songs that fit a genre or mood related to those words.

To learn how to search our music library to find the right song, check out the video below.

PRO TIP: Try looking for instrumentals, especially if you plan to use a lot of text. It’ll make sure viewers don’t get distracted and miss what you have to say.

Consider video length

There’s no hard and fast rule for how long your video should be. A lot depends on where you’re planning to share it and who you want to share it with. If you’re posting on a website, you can take a little more time. However, if you’re posting on social, check out our post on how long you should make your videos.

Self-introduction and About Me videos let you share your work and your personality with a wider audience. And now that you know how to make one, why not create your own?