Our Top 7 Songs for Birthday Videos

Moira West


Making a birthday video for a friend or family member and not sure which song to use? We’ve put together a list of seven songs from our library that are popular for birthday videos. Between them, these songs have been used in videos wishing thousands of people a happy birthday!

Our favorite birthday video songs

Sample of each of the songs below and search for the track names or artists in our music selector to add them to your birthday video.

  1. “Birthday, Birthday" by David Keen
  2. "Let's Make This Moment" by Chloe Dolandis
  3. "Birthday Candles" by Caity Copley
  4. "Happy Birthday" by Brian Pretus
  5. "Dancin' All Around the Room" by The Max
  6. "El Día de Tu Cumpleaños" or "It's Your Birthday" by Jan Storey
  7. "Los Angeles" by Das Tapes

What’s your favorite song to use for birthday videos? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're looking for even more inspiration, check out our list of creative birthday video ideas.

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