Your Digital Wedding: Guests as Photographers [Infographic]

Lauren Colman


You’ve hired a professional photographer to capture beautiful shots of your wedding. Did you know you also invited a ton of amateur photographers to the celebration? The guests at your wedding are going to take photos of all the fun they are having and soon those pictures will be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more! We recently surveyed wedding attendees to see how they capture and share the best moments of the special day.

Yours is a modern wedding and your guests are leaving the cameras at home. The majority of those surveyed (68%) use a phone instead of a camera to take photos at weddings. Put away your iPad, Aunt Mildred! Nearly all of those photos are being shared (91%) and over half (55%) are shared via social media. Need a way to find all of those pictures posted to social media? 44% of people use a hashtag when posting wedding photos.

How did you hear about the upcoming nuptials? 31% of guests surveyed received a video as a Save-the-Date. Videos aren’t just for the rehearsal dinner anymore. More than 7 out of 10 people said they enjoy seeing videos during the cocktail hour or reception.

You can’t hurry love! An overwhelming majority of people (85%) reported a video lasting at least two minutes is great and a video between two to five minutes is ideal for viewing at a wedding (45%).

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