Your Wedding Rehearsal Video Checklist

Moira West


Want to skip the speeches at your wedding rehearsal dinner and use video instead? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need to make a video that shares your love story and gets wedding participants excited to see you walk down the aisle.

Decide what story you’re going to tell

Are you introducing the bridal party? Sharing your engagement? Or just presenting the “Story of Us” as in the video below? Whichever story your choose, try to make sure your image, music, and style choices match it.

Select a concept

Is your wedding full of Hollywood glam? Are you both sports fanatics? Do you want a simple downhome country wedding? Just as you might pick a theme for your wedding decorations or invitations, a video can have a concept that helps you plan what you’d like to say and how to say it.

Decide on your style

Customize your video with colors and fonts that match your concept. It’s easy to add your wedding colors to your video or change your font to fit your look. You can also change your video's transitions or the look of your text to create a custom feel.

Choose music

When you’re choosing a song, try to pick a one that you both love or that has a special meaning to you both. If you’re using Animoto, you can select a tune from our library of licensed music or upload your own licensed music tracks. Need some inspiration? Check out our list of our favorite songs for wedding videos.

Add pictures and video clips

Here are a few ideas for photos and video clips you might want to include:

  • Images and video from before you were together. Bonus points for cute baby and childhood images!)
  • The early days of your relationship
  • The engagement, or a recent photo of the two of you together (with the ring visible, of course)
  • Parents of the bride and groom
  • Other members of the bridal party
  • Preview of the wedding location

Tell your story with text

Share your love story using text slides or captions to let friends and family who aren’t as familiar with it feel included. You can also use the rehearsal dinner video as an opportunity to introduce members of the bridal party and important family members.

Prep the venue to show your video

If you aren’t having an in-home rehearsal dinner, make sure the restaurant or other location you’ve chosen knows you intend to show a video, and find out what you’ll need to bring besides the video itself. Some things you might want to bring along:

  • A screen or large-screen TV
  • A way to play the video, such as a laptop, DVD player, etc.
  • Video player cords
  • Projector, if you're not using a TV

Save your video

Before your rehearsal dinner, make sure to save your video to a flash drive or DVD. You might consider making two copies, and giving them to two different people to bring to the rehearsal. That way, at least one of you probably won’t forget the video at home. If you’re creating a video as a gift for your bridal party, don’t forget to bring copies of that, too.

Share your video

If you add your video to your wedding website or share it on social media, you'll offering family and friends who couldn’t attend the rehearsal a way to celebrate with you.

Video can help make your rehearsal dinner feel even more special. And if you follow the checklist, you’ll see how beautifully, and quickly, your video will come together.

Did you make a video for your rehearsal dinner? We’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @Animoto.