How to Compile Photos from Your Wedding Guests

Beth Forester


Your wedding is an incredibly special day in your life and, like most brides and grooms, you probably want to remember every minute of it. Your professional photographer will no doubt make sure that all the important moments are captured. But, it’ll be nice to get a few different perspectives and see your wedding through the eyes, and lenses, of your guests. And let’s face it: these days, people are all too happy to whip out their phones and snap away. So here are 4 simple ways to compile photos from everyone at your wedding, giving you a well-rounded collection of your day.

Wedding Photos

#1: Get an app to aggregate photos

Of course there’s an app to help you collect photos. Eversnap is one such example that lets you create a digital album where guests can directly upload their photos and video clips. But a simple search brings up dozens of other apps that can do similar things.

#2: Create a Facebook group

If you know a lot of your friends and family are on Facebook, you might want to consider creating a private Facebook group. Just find the Groups section of your Facebook page, and click Create Group.

Create a Facebook Group

Then name your group, add your guests, and be sure to adjust your privacy settings:

Setting Up Facebook Group

Click Create and you’re done!

#3: Make a wedding hashtag

If your guests are hip to Twitter or Instagram, you’ll definitely want to make sure to come up with your own unique wedding hashtag. Just make sure it’s one that’s not already in use, so that it doesn’t get confusing for your guests. Then a simple search will show all the photos and tweets related to your wedding. For the hashtag-challenged, WeddingWire has a hashtag generator that’s easy and fun to use.

#4: Put disposable cameras on each table

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with going old school and actually putting a few disposable cameras on each table. You might spend a bit developing the film (remember that relic?!), but it’s always nice to have a variety of prints aside from the ones you get from your photographer. The Darkroom offers professional film developing, and as a bonus, you get all the images on a disc, as well as in a digital gallery. That way, you can easily save the images and use them to create your own video slideshow recap, from the perspective of your guests.

Want some tips on taking better photos on a smartphone? Have your guests brush up on these pearls of wisdom offered by photographer Raymond Hatfield. And remind everyone, gently but firmly, of this one critical thing: stay out of the way of the professional photographer. After all, you want their unique perspective, but you don’t want them to ruin the photos you’ll be putting up on your walls for years to come.

And if you want to turn your wedding photos into a unique video slideshow, check out our wedding page for more inspiration.

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