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Introducing New and Improved Sharing to Facebook

Moira West


Sharing your Animoto videos to Facebook just got even easier. We’ve updated our Facebook sharing with a new, intuitive design that lets you see what your post will look like before it’s up, and make more changes while you’re still in Animoto. Take a look at how to use our updated Facebook sharing, and check out a few of the new features you’ll find the next time you post.

New Facebook sharing features

To get started, you can still click SHARE on either your My Videos page or on a video play page. Once you’ve authorized Animoto to post to Facebook on your behalf, you’ll see a few new options. Here are some of the ways you can now customize your Facebook post right from Animoto:

Choice of where to share

Though you could share to business and personal pages in the past, we’ve streamlined the process to help you choose exactly where your video goes once you share it from Animoto.

Introducing New and Improved Sharing to Facebook

More control in Animoto

Add or edit video descriptions or titles while you’re still in Animoto, and even tag friends if you’re posting to your personal Timeline.

Introducing New and Improved Sharing to Facebook

Ability to preview

Before you post, you can see a preview of what your post might look like in Facebook, so you can make adjustments if needed.

Introducing New and Improved Sharing to Facebook

Confirmation screen

Once you click PUBLISH, you’ll receive a notice from Animoto letting you know your video was successfully posted. You can then head over to Facebook, where you’ll see the post you designed, along with your video, which will automatically play when you scroll past it.

Introducing New and Improved Sharing to Facebook

No Animoto branding

Facebook posts sent from Animoto will only show your name or the name of your business, and will not show Animoto’s web address or branding, unless it is part of your video.
NOTE: If you’re an admin on a business page, you’ll see that your video was posted by Animoto, but no one else viewing your Facebook post will see it.

Give our new Facebook sharing feature a try, then let us know what you think in the comments, or reach out on Facebook.