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What Facebook’s Focus on Privacy Means for Your Business

Jason Hsiao


You may have heard that yesterday, at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is being redesigned with a focus on groups, events, and private communication. "The future of Facebook is private," he shared.


Does this mean Facebook will no longer be relevant for businesses? The short answer is no. In this post, I’ll break it down to share what we know about the news, and how we’re thinking about the future of Facebook video here at Animoto.

What was the Facebook announcement?

Yesterday at F8, Mark Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook made a number of announcements related to the theme of privacy and building a "privacy-focused social network." The Verge rounded up highlights from Zuckerberg’s keynote in the following 12-minute video.

The company shared a number of things they’re working on, related to a private future. The updates include:

  • A focus turning the Messaging app into a private social network for close friends on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • More prominence for Facebook groups. This includes the ability to share to groups directly from the composer you use to share with friends and family. Plus, there’ll also be new group features, including shipping support in shopping communities, anonymous posting in health communities, a subthread chat feature for gaming groups, and more.
  • An update to the Facebook mobile app, which went live yesterday, that “makes communities as central as friends,” according to Zuckerberg. The update, which the company is referring to as FB5, makes groups and events more prominent than ever before. Plus, it incorporates new features designed to help users meet new friends (and even make romantic connections).
  • A new icon and color palette that Zuckerberg calls "a bit more lively and modern."

What does it mean for you?

The new focus on privacy, groups, and personal interactions may have you wondering what will happen to businesses that are marketing their products or services on Facebook. While only time will tell where Facebook is truly headed, here’s our perspective on how businesses can approach this week’s news.

These changes won’t happen overnight.

As a business owner, you’re already doing the right thing by exploring what the news means for you. And by continuing to pay attention to Facebook’s announcements and updates, you’ll be able to adapt your strategy over time.

It’s important to remember that Facebook is making changes all the time. In 2015, they made changes to their algorithm for ranking videos in the News Feed. In 2017, they changed it again to fight "engagement bait," and they recently indicated that videos longer than 3 minutes would get further organic reach.

With each new change, concern arises from businesses and social media managers. But we’ve all continued to adapt.

We’ll be here to help.

Our priority is to help you create professional videos for social media. And a part of that is keeping on top of industry news and trends so we can deliver a product that makes it easy for you to succeed.

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Plus, our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community, is always available for inspiration, ideas, video feedback, and more.

Continue using video to tell your stories.

As we wait to see how Facebook’s announced changes unfold, we recommend continuing to use video to tell stories. Over the past few years, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been strong proponents of video in the News Feed.

Through telling stories through videos that capture attention and engage audiences, we believe you’ll be able to continue to stand out on Facebook. As we mentioned, we’ll be here every step of the way, helping you use video to tell your stories. And we intend to continue to lead the way with this in mind.

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