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How to Create a Video Using Multiple Songs

Moira West


Updated on September 20, 2018

Using multiple songs can be a great way to differentiate between scenes, keep longer videos feeling fresh and interesting, or change up the mood in your video. Want to find out how you can add more than one song to your next Animoto video? Read on for a quick tutorial for creating a multi-song video in Animoto Marketing.

NOTE: If just want loop a song, Animoto Marketing will do that automatically. Once your video gets longer than your song, the song will just start over again. We’ll share a few more tips for looping your song below.

How to create a video with multiple songs

1. Lay out your first song

Create a video featuring your first music selection. If you don’t know which song to use, check out our Music Library by clicking on the Music icon on the toolbar, then clicking the teal CHANGE button to see song options. Next, upload the photos and video clips you’d like to use in that segment of the video or choose visuals from our library of Getty Images stock. If you’re not familiar with Animoto Marketing, check out this tutorial covering the basics of creating a video or learn more about how to select a song in our music tutorial.

Music Toolbar

2. Copy your first video

To keep the look of your video consistent, consider copying your first video to use as a storyboard—you can learn how to do this in our Resource Center tutorial. Then just change the music, images, and video clips, but keep your font, color, and style settings the same.

Copying a file

3. Download all your videos

Once you’ve created a video for each tune, download all of your song videos to your computer. We recommend using the highest resolution available within your plan to make an HD video.

4. Make a master video for your song segments

Create a new Animoto video. Try to use a simple storyboard or start from a scratch with a style that has simple transitions and no filters. Blank Slate is a good choice for this. Make sure to delete any storyboard blocks, since you won’t need them.

5. Mute your new video

There are two ways to turn off the sound on a video. The first is the click on the Music icon on the toolbar and then move the VOLUME slider all the way to the left. You can also change your song to “The Silence,” which will give you a silent soundtrack in the background of your master video.

Muting your music in Animoto

6. Upload your individual song videos

Add each song to your video and arrange the segments however you like. Make sure these videos are not muted.

7. Preview and produce

Once you put your master video together, preview it to make sure all the songs work well together. Then click produce to finish your multi-song video.

Tips for using multiple songs

Now that you know how to create a video with multiple songs, here are a few tips to help your project sound its best.

Trimming your songs

If you’d like to start your song at a particular point, you can use our trimming tool to make adjustments. Click the Music icon, click TRIM SONG, and then pull slider to right to change the start time. Hit play to test.
TIP: To make sure your video looks and sounds its best, check that the end of each song is smooth and natural, since an abrupt or jarring change in music can distract your audience.

Trimming your song

Looping music

Your song will automatically loop in Animoto Marketing. You can still trim your music, but each time the song repeats, it’ll start from where you trimmed it originally instead of at the beginning of the song. If you don’t want your song to loop, you can turn this feature off by deselecting the LOOP toggle under the Music icon on the toolbar.

Looping music in your video

Video length

When you use multiple songs, you can create videos up to 400MB or 20 minutes in length. However, longer videos may take a bit more time to produce.

Now that you know how to make a video with multiple songs, find out which song is right for your video. Or just get started creating your own multi-song project.