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Animoto Team Picks a Few of Our Favorite Pro Music Tracks

Becky Brooks


This year we expanded our commercially licensed library to a robust 1000+ songs.

Here we highlight some of our favorite music tracks from 2010.

Jason Hsiao

Jason Hsiao – President/Co-Founder
Song Selection – His Boy Elroy – “Kill Me Quickly (Or Not at All)”
Genre – Electronica
Why? – “Sports, partying, concerts, snowboarding, extreme anything. High
energy beats for your adrenaline-filled needs.”

Jessie Tully

Jessie Tully – Designer
Song Selection – Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart – “Walkin’ with Travis”
Genre – Singer Songwriter
Why? – “A lighthearted, upbeat track, sounds like a walk in the park on a summer day.”

Liz Ziser

Liz Ziser – Marketing Maven
Song Selection – Flytrap – “Lost”
Genre – Instrumental
Why? – “I keep coming back to this guy. It’s just really great feel-good music for fun, upbeat vids or even something really sentimental.”

Tom Clifton

Tom Clifton – Creative Director/Co-Founder
Song Selection – Mackintosh Braun – “Wake Up”
Genre – Electronica
Why? – “It’s electronica but not too crazy or frenetic. Rather, it’s a bit more chill and downtempo and will work well with meditative or moody subjects.”

Angela Wall

Angela Wall – NYC Office Manager
Song Selection – Saturn Missiles – “Get Ready”
Genre – Indie Rock
Why? – “It’s a ‘pick up and go’ song that makes my head nod to the beat. Perfect to add some motivation to a video.”

Chris Korhonen

Chris Korhonen – UI/UX Engineer
Song Selection – John Kelley – “A Night in the Park”
Genre – Electronica
Why? – “Its a nice electronic beat, great for those reflective and inspirational vids.”

Megan Etzel

Megan Etzel – User Relations and Evangelist
Song Selection – The Dimes – “Catch Me Jumpin’ ”
Genre – Singer/Songwriter
Why? – “Seriously catchy. It’s hard not to sing along.”

Andrew Jacobson

Andrew Jacobson – Marketing Coordinator
Song Selection – Trentalange – “Ultimate Machine”
Genre – Pop
Why? – “This song screams party! ‘Ultimate Machine’ takes the energy of my videos to another level.”

Becky Brooks

Becky Brooks – Marketing Associate
Song Selection – Tom Geiger’s “Thank God We Got Good Friends”
Genre – Singer Songwriter
Why? “So many musicians write songs about romance and being in love. While I love those kinds of songs, it’s always refreshing to hear an upbeat song about enjoying your platonic BFFs too.”

Bruce Lee the dog

Bruce Lee – Head of Security
Song Selection – Jorn Lavoll – “Karate Master”
Genre – Children’s
Why? “I’m a nostalgic kind of guy, and this song reminds me of my childhood on an Indiana farm where my days were spent chasing rats and field crows. Sausage.”

Liked the songs you just heard? Make an Animoto video with one of your favorite tracks!