How to Make a Video Greeting Card

Moira West


A video card can make an ordinary greeting extraordinary. And it’s easy to turn your own photos and video clips into a personalized video that’ll show how much you care.

Check out our step-by-step instructions for how to create and share your own video greeting card in minutes. Then read on to find inspiration for the types of video greetings you can make, including videos for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays.

How to make a video greeting card in 5 steps

Before you begin, log in to Animoto. If you haven't yet, you can sign up for a free account. Then choose a video template in Animoto. The Happy Birthday Slideshow, shown above, is a good place to begin.

  1. Upload images and video clips. You can add your own photos and footage from your phone, scan in old pictures, or pull images from your social media accounts to find what you need for your video. Animoto also has more than a million photos and video clips from Getty Images built right in if you can’t find what you want.
  2. Personalize your video greeting. Once you’ve started your video, you can adjust colors, fonts, and more to fit the video to your recipient. You can also add or edit text to make your message feel that much more personal.
  3. Choose music. Animoto has hundreds of songs in its library of licensed music. Search by genre, mood, and more. You can also upload your own licensed music into Animoto if you already have a song in mind. All our music tools are found under the “Music” icon on the toolbar. Or check out our Music Tutorial to learn more.
  4. Preview and produce your video. When your video is ready, click the gray PREVIEW button in the top right corner of your project. You’ll see a low-resolution preview of your video. If you want to make a change, you can keep editing, or just click PRODUCE to finalize your video.
  5. Save and share. Once your video is produced, you can download it or share it. Find the share icons just below your video on your Play Page or by hovering over your video on the My Videos Page. You can use them to share your video on social media. You can also email your video to your greeting card recipient or share it to your Instagram Story, if you’re using our iOS mobile app.

Types of video greeting cards you can make

There are lots of ways to use video to share love with friends and family. Check out a few examples of the types of video greeting cards you can make with Animoto.

Graduation video

Tell your grad congratulations with a graduation greeting card that highlights all they’ve accomplished. Visit our post of tips on creating an amazing graduation video for ideas for what to include in your video. Then check out our posts on graduation music and quotations.

Holiday video cards

Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any major holiday with video. Share holiday greetings with loved ones no matter where they are in the world. Animoto has a wide variety of holiday music, and several holiday video templates to help you get started. You can also look through our list of ways to say happy holidays to find the right message for your holiday greeting.

Wedding greetings

Thank wedding guests for attending your ceremony or send congratulations to a happy couple. You can even customize your video to match wedding colors and styles. Need more inspiration? We have a big list of wedding video ideas for your video greeting.

Anniversary videos

Help a couple remember the important moments in their relationship with a greeting full of photos and treasured memories. For this type of greeting, you might want to get loved ones involved. See if friends and family can contribute old photos or video footage that will make the greeting even more special.

Birthday video greeting card

Make a personalized birthday card that’s tailor-made for someone you care about. Get inspiration from our post on birthday video ideas. We also have song recommendations and birthday quotes if you get writer’s block.

Video lets you make just the right greeting for your recipient, giving you the flexibility to send a personal, heartwarming message. Now that you’ve gotten the basics down, which type of video greeting card will you create?