Content Marketing: A Conversation with Gerry Moran

Megan O'Neill


Last month we were thrilled to host B3 Marketing, an event for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn how to reach customers more effectively, at our office in NYC. At the event, Cyndi Knapic, the head of Animoto for Business, had the opportunity to chat with special guest speaker Gerry Moran about content marketing and video.

Gerry is a content marketing strategist and speaker that brought over thirty years of experience to his conversation with Cyndi, which you can check out here:

And now for some of our favorite takeaways!

  • Tell a story. “Figure out what your story is and put yourself in your customer’s’ shoes,” says Gerry. “Figure out all the opportunities you can engage when them along the way.” Then, create content based on each of these different touch points.

  • It’s about trust and relationships first. Don’t just shoot for sales. Create content that teaches and educates in order to build trust first.

  • Always say why. Never say I think. When creating content, it’s important to remember to explain why what you’re doing or selling is important, not why you think it’s important.

  • Capture attention. “There’s a statistic that says humans have an attention span of 8 seconds; goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds. We’re a visual people, we’re visual learners. Entertain me; capture my attention; educate me; start to build my trust. You can do that with video. Video really captures my attention. I truly think video is part of the future of content marketing.”

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