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How to Voice Over a Video

Learn how to make a voice-over video the easy way with Animoto.

Step by Step Guide: How to Make a Voice Over Video

Voice-overs are an easy and impactful way to make your videos your own and connect with your audience. Take your video customization to the next level by recording and adding your unique voice! Check out this tutorial to learn how to voice over a video using Animoto’s online voice recorder.

Personalize your videos

Add your unique voice to your videos to make a personal connection with your audience.

Engage your audience

Pique your audience’s interest and engage them with your topic by speaking directly to them.

Add multiple voice-overs

Enhance your voice-over video with multiple voice-over tracks for added depth and clarity.

How to Voice Over a Video: Step by Step


Select a video template

Start your video off strong with one of our premade templates! Tutorials, explainers, presentations, and demos can be made even better with voice-overs.


Record your voice-over

Select the “Audio” icon at the top of the page then click the microphone button below your video preview. Click “Record voice-over” or “Upload voice-over” to add a pre-recorded audio track. Finally, click the red button and start recording!


Edit your voice-overs

Trim and edit your recordings to create a professional voice-over video. Just drag and drop the bumpers on either end of your recording to quickly trim them. Click and drag them throughout your video timeline to align with your visuals.


Edit and customize your video

Keep the customization coming! Personalize your voice over video with your brand's colors, modify transitions, add music, and tailor the text to match your unique vision. Alternatively, opt for pre-selected designs for a fast and effortless creation process.


Share your video with the world

Finally, make your voice heard! Simply click the share icon located in the top right corner of your workspace. From there, select your desired social media platform or download the video to share it across various channels such as emails, your company intranet, flash drives, and beyond.


Tips for creating professional voice-overs

Draft a script

Write or use an AI-generated video script to start recording with a plan for what you want to say and when you want to say it.

Practice recording beforehand

Your first take isn’t always your best take. Play your video as you read your script to help figure out timing and tone.

Use an external microphone

Your headphones’ mic is a good place to start if you don’t have professional recording equipment.

Record in a small room

Try recording in a small room or closet to reduce background sounds in your voice-over video as much as possible.

Choose and adjust music

Once you record your track, watch your video and raise or lower your music volume to complement your voice.

Record in multiple takes

Record and add multiple voice-overs so you don’t have to nail it in one take. Use them throughout your video and take breaks as needed.

Easily make a voice over video!

Now that you know how to voice over a video, you’re ready to get started! Sign up for free and upgrade at any time for more customization features.