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How to Make a Video in Animoto

Ready to learn how to make a video in Animoto? In this complete guide, we’ll show you how to create a stunning video using our staple user-friendly features.

Features we’ll cover in this guide

Video templates

Start with best practices already in place by choosing a professional template.

Aspect ratio

Transform any template into a square, vertical (9:16), or landscape (16:9) ratio with a single click.

Stock library

Choose from over a million stock photos and videos from Getty Images.


Change the colors, animations, and layouts to match your brand and aesthetic.


Add your story by changing the text, selecting a font, and adding animations.


Add your brand’s icon as a seamless corner watermark.


Easily trim your video clips and blocks down to size.

Music Library

Set the tone with a song from our licensed music library.

Social Sharing

Download or share your video directly to social media.

How to make a video in Animoto: Step by step

Learn how to make a video in Animoto. Whether you’re creating a video for your business, to share with friends and family, or for any reason at all, Animoto makes it easy.

Step 1

Select a video template

Making a video in Animoto is easy with templates! Get started with a template for a promo, explainer, celebration, presentation, or whatever matches your message. If you don’t find one that matches your vision, start from scratch.

Step 2

Change the aspect ratio

Easily change the aspect ratio of your video by clicking the ratio button at the top of your workspace. Choose a vertical ratio for Instagram Reels, Stories, and TikTok. Choose the vertical ratio for YouTube and website videos. For all others, try the square ratio.

Step 3

Upload your media

Upload your photos, videos, and logos right into your Media Library. Then, drag and drop them into a Block to add them to your video. To fill in any gaps, use our Getty Images stock library with over 1 million free clips and images.

Step 4

Trim and scale your media

Need to shorten one of your video clips? Click the scissors icon above the video, then drag and drop the bumpers to shorten your video to the desired length. Use the scale slider to zoom in or out of your image or video, and position it in the frame.


Add and edit your text

You can click on the text boxes in your template to change the copy, or add your own text boxes for extra information. Then, change the font, size, color, and legibility to make it stand out. Drag and drop it wherever you’d like it in your frame, then choose a text animation so it pops on the screen.


Add and reorder your Blocks

Want to change up the story and rearrange your Blocks? Just drag and drop them on your media timeline. To add additional blocks, click the plus button and choose from a variety of text, media, and combination layouts.


Customize your design

Once your media and text is in place, you can customize the design to your liking. Try out different video styles to change your layouts and animations. Then, apply different primary and accent colors to add visual variety.


Add a watermark

Bring every video Block on-brand by adding a corner watermark with your logo! Just click the watermark tab in your design settings, upload your logo, and select the size, position, and transparency of your watermark.


Add your soundtrack

Seal the deal by adding music that matches the mood of your video. Browse through our library of thousands of licensed tracks and filter by mood, genre, tempo, and vocal or instrumental.


Download and share

Click the blue play button to see a preview on your final video. Then, click the share button to post your video directly to social media, embed it in an email, send a private preview link, or download it to your device in 1080p.

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