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10 Fun Video Hacks to Try with Household Items

Megan O'Neill


Here at Animoto, we’re all about finding quick and easy ways to make better videos. That’s why we’ve put together a series of easy video hacks that you can try, using items you probably have around the house.


Our hacks will help with everything from setting the stage for product videos to stabilizing your camera, getting creative with transitions, and more.

Video Hack #1: DIY Camera Stand

No tripod? No problem. In this hack, we'll show you how to create a DIY camera stand for your phone using a couple paper clips and tape.

Video Hack #2: DIY Backdrop

For this hack, we'll show you how to create a backdrop for your photos or video clips using a piece of tinfoil and a piece of tape.

Video Hack #3: DIY Camera Dolly

Want to get that smooth horizontal movement associated with a professional dolly? We'll show you how, using just a towel and two binder clips.

Video Hack #4: Flip Transition

For this hack, we'll show you how to create a fun video transition by simply flipping your phone. You won't need any special materials for this one - just yourself and your camera phone.

Video Hack #5: Better Selfie Lighting

Lighting can really make or break a selfie. We show you how to get better lighting using a flashlight and a white bag. Use this hack for photos, or selfie videos when you want to talk to your audience.

Video Hack #6: DIY Overhead Shot

In the following video, we show you a few different ways to DIY an overhead shot. Overhead shots can be great for tabletop recipe videos or stop motion videos. For even more tips and tricks, check out our full blog post on how to DIY an overhead video shot with what you have.

Video Hack #7: Picture Frame Hack

Frame your product—literally—with this picture frame hack. Make product shots more interesting with a picture frame and some paper.

Video Hack #8: Product Staging Hack

Here's another hack for staging product shots. This one uses a tea towel and a cereal bowl. Simply turn the bowl upside down, cover it with the towel, and voila! You've got a stage for your product!

Video Hack #9: Soft Light Hack

Soft light cuts down on shadows, which provides a more flattering look for people and objects on camera. And in this hack, we show you how to achieve this look with white paper and tape.

Video Hack #10: DIY Camera Slider

For our last hack, we'll show you how to achieve a similar look to our DIY dolly hack above. This time, we'll be using a measuring tape.

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