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This Blogger & Knitter Builds Her Brand With Social Video


When it comes to her business, Gaye Glasspie of GGmadeit refuses to give up. A knitter, blogger, and influencer, Gaye has a dedication and determination that's often at the core of any small business owner's success. With nearly a decade of experience running her business, she knows the importance of building her brand and staying relevant to her growing online audience. We spoke to Gaye about her favorite ways to stand out on social media, and why video plays a key role in her everyday marketing.

Tell us a little bit about your brand.

I’m a blogger and a knitter. And I guess I’m most known for my love of all things orange. On my blog, or in my corner of the internet, you will find my passion displayed in all different shades of orange.

How do you use video for your business?

Video gives someone a true representation of whatever it is you’re trying to show them. In my case, it’s my knitting, my yarn, my needles. In videos versus still pictures, they actually get to see how it lives in your life. And that’s exactly it. Video brings your experience, your memories to life. That is why I prefer doing a video.

When I discovered Animoto, I felt like my world just exploded. Whether it was utilizing video to share my business stuff, my GGmadeit projects, or my coveted memories of my family and friends. I think video just brings it to life.

How does video help your brand?

I find that I get more of a reaction, I get more engagement, I get more feedback when it's actually a live video versus just a picture, and I can tell the story.

When it comes to marketing, what would you tell other entrepreneurs in your field?

What I love about Animoto is it takes something that looks like it has to be complicated, looks like it takes such an extreme level of skill, and puts it at an ease that everyone can use and still walk away looking like you're the most polished video content maker out there.

There are apps out there that are your friend, and Animoto is one of them. I have been an Animoto customer for years...years. I’ve grown with it and I’ve grown with the changes, the improvements they have created. And I absolutely love it.

So, anytime I get compliments about my content, I automatically tell them, ‘You can do it, too!’ I always tell them if you can add a photo to Instagram, you can use Animoto. And that’s the one thing that I love about it, it makes it user-friendly for every level.

Garner engagement with video on social media

Video is a quick way to build a recognizable and relevant brand image online. And engaging your followers and prospective clients is easier than you might think. Start creating your own branded videos with Animoto’s Weekly Series templates.