Video Marketing

How Video Can Save You Time & Optimize Your Workflow

Jason Hsiao


A lot of business owners tell us they believe they don’t have time to make videos. Well, as you know, here at Animoto our mission is to make it quick and easy for anyone to create videos, regardless of experience.


But today I’m not just here to tell you do have what it takes to make videos in minutes. I’m going to take things a step further and show you how creating videos actually can save you time.

Creating videos to optimize your workflow

Owning a business, you probably repeat yourself a lot. When people ask you what your business is all about, when customers or potential customers email with questions about your product or service, when you’re onboarding new employees… and repeating takes time.

If you ever find yourself repeating something more than once, it’s perfect fodder for a video. When you get asked the same things again and again, it’s a strong indication that it’s content that your customers—and potential new customers—are craving.

And, for the workflow-obsessed, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll save you time too. Just keep your video links on hand to use them in email responses, embed them on your website to preempt questions, and save yourself the time of feeling like a broken record.

Which videos should you make?

Not sure which videos to make? As I mentioned, anything that you find yourself repeating again and again and again makes for a good video idea. Not only because it’ll save you time, but also because it often indicates an opportunity to reach new customers that may be searching for answers to questions.

These time-saving video topics may not be the same for every business, but here are some ideas to steer you in the right direction.

Company Overview or "About Us" Video

A short company overview that explains who you are and what your business stands for is a good place to start. You can include answers to questions about what makes your business different, what are the benefits of your product or service, and why did you start your business in the first place.

Need a little help getting started? We’ve got a number of video templates designed for this type of video, including an About Us template, a Company Overview template, and the Company Values template below.

You can also tell the story behind just one of your products. For this, check out our Product Story video template.

Tutorial Video

Is there something people ask you how to do regularly? Share the answer in a tutorial or how-to video. This could be anything from how to assemble or use a product to how to perform a task associated with your expertise.

In the example of our Expert How To video template, a chiropractor showcases stretches. This video could be shared on social media or YouTube—or with clients directly.


What else do people ask you about a lot? What do you find yourself repeating in emails, in in-person conversations? Create a list and start creating videos.

These questions could be related to anything from your products or services, to how and why you started your business, and what makes you different from your competition. They may be related to industry trends, concepts, or anything in between.

Here’s an example of an explainer video that provides background on an industry trend—in this case, one in the floral industry.

Employee Onboarding

If your organization is growing, you may find yourself explaining things to new team members again and again. Of course, it’s always important to include a human touch in your onboarding process. But there are certain things that you may want to create videos about to make the process go smoother, and save yourself time.

And including informational videos within the onboarding process isn’t only helpful for optimizing your workflow. It also ensures that you don’t leave out pertinent information. Plus, it gives new employees something they can refer back to again and again.

Need a little help deciding which video to create first? Or want some feedback on how to effectively communicate your points with video? Head over to the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook for ideas, tips, and advice. Happy video making!