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The IG story video every business needs to post often (even non-visual ones!)

Cyndi Knapic


Like them or not, we’re all familiar with perfume and cologne ads of a celebrity prancing through the cobblestoned streets of Paris, or climbing out of the ocean with panoramic shots of tropical landscapes in the background.

Why does this advertising strategy work? How do brands sell and differentiate a scent visually when viewers can’t literally smell anything through a screen?

It’s all about creating desire through brand storytelling - attracting customers who dream of a fairytale French romance, or the enchantment of steamy jungle flirtation.

This is a similar approach to brands who capture messages of empowerment and emotion. For example, the Like a Girl campaign by Always or Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. These advertisers have successfully created a brand image that people want to be associated with.

And so can you! Thanks to access to high quality stock footage and photos, any business can produce professional videos that tell a brand story without having to film anything.

IG Story examples

Here are 3 ideas and examples of IG story brand storytelling videos that all types of businesses can create and share, even traditionally non-visual ones -- no selfies or celebrities required!

Capture the mission

You don’t need to have a visual business to find ways to capture the larger mission at work. For example, let’s say you’re a real estate broker. You’re in the business of buying and selling homes. Why is that important? Because a home is where lifelong family and childhood memories are made. Capture that with footage of blissful children at play as shown in the example below.

To make an IG story like this, look for footage in the Animoto stock media library using search terms such as ‘kids playing’ or ‘family fun,’ or even more specific action keywords like ‘backyard play” or ‘kid bicycles.’ Mix a few seconds of those clips with your logo to demonstrate your mission.

Concise is better than complete

When telling brand stories, you don’t need to share the entire story. All that’s needed is to capture just enough aspiration and suggestive content, and then the viewer can fill in the blanks themselves.

For example, if you’re a book publisher or author -- you don’t need to capture the exact narrative of a book. You only need enough details to hook the viewer into learning more. (to read the real book!) Take a look at the example below.

Provide customer care

You don’t need to be in the health and wellness industry to help people live better. By sharing positive quotes or hosting meditation sessions, you can show customers that you truly care about them -- something that’s always good for business.

Check out our Daily Check-in template shown below to give this video strategy a try.

Pro tip: Just remember to use the Ratio feature from the top menu bar of your project to resize this template from the Square 1:1 ratio to a Vertical 9:16 ratio. Doing so will better optimize your video for mobile full screen viewing in IG stories.

If you’ve been holding back on posting regularly to IG stories just because the product or service you sell isn’t visual, it’s time to reconsider. These are a few examples of how some traditionally non-visual brands can still create beautiful, professional branded videos for IG stories.

All of the examples above were created using stock photos and videos directly provided by Animoto’s stock library via a partnership with Getty Images, as well as songs from the Animoto music library.

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