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New! Post IG Stories Ads Right from Animoto's iOS App

Megan O'Neill


If you’re using the Animoto iOS app to create Instagram Story ads, we’ve got great news! You can now share as an IG Stories ad directly from the app. In this post, we’ll show you how.


Before you can share an ad, you’ll need to create the video. To learn more about how to use the Animoto: Social Video Editor app, check out our full guide. You can also watch the tutorial video below for an overview of how to create and Instagram Stories video with the app.


How to share directly to IG Stories Ads

Before you get started, you’ll just need a couple things in order to use this feature:

  • A valid Facebook ad account with a funding source
  • A valid Facebook business page with an associated Instagram account
  • The Animoto: Social Video Editor app
  • A video that's 15 seconds or less

Once your video is ready to produce, follow the steps below to share it as a Stories ad directly from the app.

Step 1: Produce your video

When your video is ready, tap the share icon in the upper right corner of the screen to product your video. This'll open up the export screen, where you'll see the option to share to a "Stories Ad."


NOTE: Instagram Stories ad sharing is only available on the export page. So if you want to go back to share an older video, you'll need to go into edit mode and reproduce your video to get back to this page.

Step 2: Connect your Facebook Page

Tap the "Stories Ad" icon and you'll be taken through the process of connecting your Facebook Page. You'll only have to do this the first time you share a Stories Ad. After that, you'll go straight to the next step.

If you're an admin on multiple Facebook ad accounts, you'll need to select the account associated with the Instagram page you want to share your ad to.

Set up your ad

Once you've got an account connected, it's time to set up your ad. You'll be taken through two pages where you'll input information to set your ad up for success.

  • Target Audience: Choose your target audience. Enter a location, age range, and gender.
  • Budget & Duration: Select your total daily budget and how long you'd like your ad to run. You can set an ad to run for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, or add a custom duration. Once your ad begins running, you'll need to log into your Facebook Ads Manager account to make changes. Note that you will be charged for your ad through Facebook and never through Animoto.


Review your ad

Once you've added your targeting information, it's time to review! Simply double check to make sure you're sending your ad to the correct destination, you inputted the correct target audience, and that your budget and duration is correct.


Submit to Facebook

Tap on the blue SUBMIT TO FACEBOOK button and you're done! Your ad will be submitted to Facebook for approval and usually begin running within 24 hours. Beyond this point, any changes to your ad will need to be made by logging into your Facebook Ads Manager account.

To learn more about Instagram Story ads, check out our complete guide.