Which Style Should I Use? I Like/Don’t Like Filters

Moira West


When we surveyed photographers about their preferences for video styles, we got an interesting split. There were many requests for simple, filter-free styles, but we also had photographers who loved styles that included filters. So in this edition of “Which Style Should I Use,” we’re addressing both sides of the filter divide with suggestions for each.

I Don’t Like Filters

Animoto has a big selection of styles that present your photos without filters. Here are a few:

Modern Minimalist

Based on Design Aglow’s popular Modern Minimalist collection, this full-frame style also lets you view two portrait photographs in one slide. See how photographer Lucia Gill uses this sophisticated style to add panache to her photos without filters.
Create a video with Modern Minimalist


Newborn photographer Kelly Brown co-designed this sweet, textured style to frame photos of newborns in a soft, beautiful way.
Create a video with Grace


If you want to showcase your imagery simply and with impact, try Chic. Co-designed with internationally acclaimed wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, this style lends sophistication and elegance to any photo.
Create a video with Chic


This style presents your photos and video clips full frame and without any filter. One of three customizable styles, Frameless lets you determine the look and feel of your video by letting you choose transitions, fonts, colors and more.
Create a video with Frameless

I Like Filters

Filtered styles can be exciting, engaging, and a good way to add a specific tone to your work. Here are a few photographer favorites:


This style presents photos in wooden frames and gives them a warm cast. A great fit for outdoor or fall-themed shoots, Rustic is the filtered style most often selected by pro photographers. Take a look at how family photographer Heidi Harting uses Rustic to highlight her work:
Create a video with Rustic


Like drops of ink hitting water, Inkwell is deep and dramatic, and adds lots of movement to your photographs.
Create a video with Inkwell


Co-designed with the team at Seniors Ignite, this fun, fashionable style uses bursts of subtle filters to give videos a contemporary look.
Create a video with Ignite

Super 8

Creating a sense of nostalgia, even if you shot your photos yesterday, this style filters images and video clips to look like vintage Super 8 home movies.
Create a video with Super 8

Whether you love filters or could live without them, there’s a style that will work for you. Try out one of the styles we’ve suggested, or take a look at one of the more than 90 styles Animoto has to offer.