Vanessa Joy’s 4 Videos that Book More Brides

Moira West


“Video is powerful, video works, people are more engaged with video,” Vanessa Joy shared during her segment at our Book More Brides Facebook Live event. But despite that, a quarter of small business owners feel left behind when it comes to video marketing.

That’s why Vanessa’s talk focused on “ways that you can market yourself and make your photography stand out.” Take a look at Vanessa’s talk, then read our rundown of the 4 videos Vanessa’s using to promote her wedding photography business.

1. Emotional Engagement. Vanessa shared that the first thing wedding photographers must consider is the emotions they want to evoke in their clients. “Your job as a photographer is to connect with the emotional event that happens at a wedding… to take it, harness it, capture it, and then give it to your clients, so that every time they look at those images later, they smile at them; they remember them.”

Vanessa does this with slideshows with music for engagement sessions, same-day slideshows, and even with the design for her wedding albums because she believes the one-two punch of evocative images and music that tugs the heartstrings convinces clients to buy.

Slideshow Video Style: Classic
Song: “All About Your Heart” by Mindy Gledhill

2. Client Communication. Clear communication is a major part of success for a wedding photographer, but with clients’ attention spans getting shorter all the time, an email or blog post about how to prepare for a shoot can get lost in the shuffle. Vanessa combats this with short, informative videos that tell clients what they need to know while sharing visuals that keep them interested.

Slideshow Video Style: Light Panes
Song: “All I See Is You” by Ali Handal

3. Brand Building. Part of creating a winning video strategy is knowing how to build up a brand — the gut feeling potential clients associate with you. Vanessa shared, “The way you photograph, and the way you present those photographs, directly relates to have your clients think of you.” That means every part of a video you share on social media — the images, the text, and the video style, fonts, and layout must relate back to your concept for your brand.

Marketing Video Style: Glamour

4. Networking. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to win over new couples. So Vanessa adds to the number of people talking about her work by reaching out to vendors who also work weddings — florists, bakers, caterers — anyone who might also interact with couples who might also have unmet marketing needs. “I am creating videos for the vendors who are working with me and it’s floored them.” And customers viewing the vendors’ videos might also be impressed enough to stick around until the end of the video and see Vanessa’s logo. Even if they don’t, the good will she generates will help her out the next time a couple asks a vendor, “Do you know a good photographer?”

Marketing Video Style: Glamour
Song: “All In” by Jason Pfaff

Want more tips for using Animoto slideshows and videos in your wedding photography business? Check out the full Book More Brides event on our Facebook page.