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See how Sue Bryce uses Animoto to easily create share-worthy social videos.

Sue Bryce
Portrait Photographer
The Goal

Creating share-worthy marketing videos quickly and easily

Videos on social media are important — but fleeting. So even though Sue Bryce can (and sometimes does) spend more money for a professional videographer, when she wants to post content quickly, without sacrificing style and quality, she turns to Animoto. It lets her create content for social media that get results, without the cost and time that go into professionally shot videos.

Video Details:

Product: Slideshow Video

Style: Documentary

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Product: Slideshow Video

Style: Documentary

The Solution

Adding Animoto to your workflow

Creating videos in Animoto helps Sue streamline her social media workflow. Using photos and video clips shot during a session, she can put together a video in minutes — without using a videographer or time-intensive video editing software.

After uploading her photos and video clips, Sue readies her videos for social media by adding text over the images and video clips to ensure her message is clear, even if her audience views her video silently. She can then post to Facebook, Instagram, or both, multiplying the ways she can reach viewers.

"If you are not using video on social media, you are missing one of the greatest marketing opportunities we have as photographers."

– Sue Bryce, Photographer


Sue's 5 Es for effective social media marketing

To create her share-worthy marketing content, Sue focuses on creating videos that feature her 5 Es. She wants videos that educate clients about her business, entertain them with stories they connect with, engage them by encouraging interaction, entice them by showing them something they’ll want, and elevate them by speaking directly from the heart. But each of those 5 distinct elements can be broken down into one basic idea — just tell a story that connects with viewers, and they’ll respond. Sue says, “In my years as a photographer, I found that the best marketing I did that saw the greatest results was emotional or storytelling, which had nothing to do with what I was selling.”

Standing out with text

Since up to 85% of people on social media view videos silently, Sue makes sure to include text to help her videos stand out. Text lets her make her message clear with or without sound and helps those 5 Es resonate with her audience.

Key Takeaways

Focus on content that can be created well, quickly

Tell a story

Use big, bold text for silent playback

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