Awesome Video Slideshow Ideas For The Last Week Of 2012

Becky Brooks


The end of the year is upon us and so are countless opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Taking photos & video of this time of year and turning it into an Animoto video allows you to share and keep these memories with you for posterity’s sake.

Here are our top 5 ways you can use Animoto in this last week of 2012.

5. Recap your year with a click of a button

Didn’t send out a holiday greeting this year? Fret not. Animoto will create a video for you with your Facebook photos from the year. Here is the pretty sweet vid Animoto created for me with a click of a button.

All you have to do is go to to get started.

4. Turn those Christmas photos & video clips into something sweet.

Even if you find yourself not taking your camera out while at a holiday party or celebrating Christmas morning with family, you can still do pretty sweet things with your phone’s camera.

3. New Year’s Party

Have any plans for ringing in 2013? If so, plan on turning them into a sweet video you can share on Facebook in a cinch. Here are tips on creating Animoto for your next party.

2. Send out a holiday video for your business.

If you own or work for a company, why not keep in touch with important clients and partners in a meaningful way? It’s a nice personal touch that shows the people with whom you do business that you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

1. Send out an End of Year video to friends and family.

We all have so many people in our lives we wish we got to see more. Why not send them a nice video that recap’s what your family has been up to this year? Add words to wish them a great holiday as well.

Check our website out for more video slideshow ideas to round out the holiday season.