How to Make Video Slideshows Like an Animoto Employee



Did you know that we make Animoto videos, too?

We do. A lot of them. We make videos about volunteer days, our grandmothers’ birthdays, and our pet cats, just to name a few. And not to brag, but over time, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Everybody has their own creation process, but here are a few tips and tricks that many folks at Animoto swear by:

Add Video Clips

add video clip

Video clips will make your video look approximately 20x cooler. If you don’t have footage readily available, we have a diverse library of stock clips that fit into any theme, like subway trains pulling away, a flag rippling in the wind, and a pug wearing a birthday hat.

Keep it Short

ping pong action shot

As much as you would like to relive your vacation through all 342 photos you took, we’ve found that the more memorable videos are brief, punchy, and to-the-point.

Make it Silly

Don’t just include pictures of people smiling. Add action shots and candids, and write clever captions for each. The more ridiculous, the better!

Our Favorite Music Trick

Animoto’s video maker is so great because it keeps things simple. But since music is one of the most important elements, we’ve discovered a couple hacks that let you take more control. You can change these settings under “Edit Song and Pacing.”

adjust music settings

First, try manipulating the start time of your song: some songs are quiet (or boring) until 30 seconds in. Adjust this under “Edit Songs and Pacing” so that your video begins with some personality.

Another strategy is to manipulate the end of the song so that your video has a smoother finish. After you have added photos, change the song’s start time so that the time remaining in the song is the length of your slideshow. Your video will end at the same time as the song, and since that’s the real end of the song, the ending will feel more final and complete.

Debut Your Video in Front of a Group

myagi 2013

At Animoto’s headquarters, we use video to recap company events like ping pong tournaments, hackathons, and chili cook-offs. Everyone sees the videos for the first time at our weekly meeting. It’s much more fun to see and hear people’s reactions in-person than it is to send out the link over email!

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