5 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month with Video

Moira West


October is Family History Month — a month dedicated to celebrating, exploring, and sharing our roots and genealogy. And as you sift through documents, photos, and memories this month, keep in mind that one of the best ways to organize and share your family’s story is with video. So whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just someone who wants to get your family photos in order, take a look at our list of ways to share your family and where it came from with video.

5 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month with Video

1. Make a genealogy video

It can be hard to get kids to sit still through talks about your family’s history. But given how video-centered most online media channels are today, a genealogy video might be right up their alley. Try sharing the story of your family’s heritage and ancestors with a video slideshow, adding photos or documents you might have to make it more visually interesting;f if you don’t have many images of your own, try a few of the resources listed in this blog post. Then share with your kids, or just with other family members, to help them connect with their past. For an example, take a look at the video below, shared by the OC Public Libraries Genealogy Committee.

2. Record a family recipe

Good food is meant to be shared! If you have a family member famous for his or her recipes, why not use Family History Month as an excuse to finally record instructions for some of their best dishes? For instance, Johnny Huynh, of Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen, recreates his grandmother’s delicious spring roll recipe for the video below, sharing and preserving a family tradition in the process.

3. Document a trip

Sometimes a family vacation can have special meaning, and be worthy of a video of its own, such as Hilary Murphy’s trip to Ireland — a place that connects her to her history, culture, and family. But even documenting a vacation to Disney World or somewhere else unrelated to your background can be important if it helps your family remember the togetherness and happy times they experienced while they were away.

4. Create a scrapbook

Videos can help supplement or even replace photo albums and scrapbooks, giving you a fast, easy way to preserve family history, all while offloading the photos and video clips clogging up your smartphone. Rebecca Cooper, of the blog Simple As That, used the video below to recap this past summer with her family, giving her daughters a way to look back on their experiences as they grow older.

5. Interview a family member

One of the beautiful things about video is that it lets you capture a moment in time. Take a moment this Family History Month to record the memories of a family member, preserving their stories for future generations. Ask Dad how he met Mom, or interview grandparents about how life was different when they were young. If you’re not sure how to go about interviewing a loved one, take a look at a few tips from genealogy expert Lisa Louise Cooke — or just check out her video below, where she interviews her husband about his memories of his father.

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