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It’s Here… Animoto + Video!

Jason Hsiao


Animoto releases a new feature that allows its users to insert video clips into their Animoto videos.

With the new video feature, Animoto users can add video clips to their

Hey everyone, a HUGE announcement:

As of today, you can add video clips to your Animoto videos! Watch a few sample videos below and find out more here:

You will not believe how good your vids are going to look. And using video clips in your Animoto videos couldn’t be easier–no need for a complex video editor! Just follow these three steps:

  1. Upload clips from your camera or phone (iPhone 3GS anyone??), or use some from our collection (thanks to iStockphoto and Getty Images).
  2. Choose your highlights. You can choose highlights of up to 10 seconds each, though we recommend using only 3-5 seconds as that works best within the flow of an Animoto video.
  3. Create the rest of your video as normal, and you’re done.

Here are a few sample videos for you to check out:

So, you know when you’ve got tons of pics AND vids of your kids or some recent trip or party or whatever, and you scratch your head wondering how to share them? I think we all know the Right Answer now.