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Everything You Need to Know About the Animoto Free Plan

Madison Fraitag


If you’re looking to create professional, engaging videos without breaking the bank, the Animoto Free plan might be right for you–and when we say free, we mean free forever.

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In this post, we’ll answer some FAQs about the Free plan, cover everything that’s included, list ways you can get the most out of your Animoto subscription, share our top templates among Free plan users, and more. Feel free to jump ahead, or read on for a full look at everything you need to know about the Free plan.

Is Animoto really free?

Yup, when we say free we mean free forever. That means you can use Animoto as often or occasionally as you’d like with no fees ever. The best part? We won’t ask for your credit card info, no strings attached.

To sign up for your Free Animoto plan, all you have to do is create an account, and you’re in! Once you’ve done that, you’ll be all set with your Free plan forever.

What’s included with the Free plan?

The Free plan has all of the basic tools you need to create eye-catching videos in minutes. Here’s what you’ll have access to after you've created a Free Animoto account:

  • Unlimited video creation
  • Unlimited sharing to social media, email, and more
  • Access to over 160 customizable video templates
  • Standard quality video (720p)
  • On-the-go creation with the Animoto iOS app
  • 50 music tracks
  • 3 standard fonts
  • 30 color swatches
  • Limited access to our Getty Images stock library

Keep in mind that with the Free plan, your videos will include a persistent watermark with Animoto branding. Want to remove the watermark? We offer multiple paid plans that allow you to remove all Animoto branding from your videos, but we’ll get into that a bit later. Here’s a preview of what your videos will look like using a Free plan.

How can I make the most of my Animoto subscription?

There are countless ways you can use your Free Animoto subscription, all without spending a dime. From personal events, to work and school assignments, your Animoto account unlocks an engaging alternative to the usual greeting card, presentation, or image.

While we’re always sharing video ideas on our blog, here’s a breakdown of events that happen in all of our lives that can easily be amplified with video to share with friends, family, or your network:

  • Small business needs
    • Product or service introduction
    • Social media ads
    • Organic social media content
    • Hiring announcements
    • About us video
    • Sale promotion
  • Life events
    • Birthdays
    • Holidays
    • Engagements
    • Weddings
    • Anniversaries
    • Pregnancy and birth announcements
    • Pet adoption
    • Event invitations and recaps
    • Moving and travel
    • Funerals and memorials
  • Professional and academic events
    • Video resume
    • New job announcement
    • Promotion or raise
    • Academic assignments
    • Graduations

The reasons to create a video are endless, and Animoto’s got you covered for them all with customizable video templates, easily edited for any occasion.

Read on for some of our most popular templates to get you started with your Free subscription, or give them all a look now.

Which templates should I use?

With your Free Animoto subscription, you gain full access to our library of video templates, no exceptions. And while we aim to create templates for all of your needs, any template can be customized to meet the specifics of your event, occasion, or business. You can also start from scratch for a completely unique look and feel in your videos.

Not quite sure where to get started? Feel free to browse all of our templates, but we recommend starting with our Popular category. Here are some of our users’ favorites:

Birthday Card

Celebrating someone’s special day? Our Birthday Card template lets you create a personalized greeting in minutes, easily customized for every birthday all year long.

Educational Presentation

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student, or just a curious mind, the Education Presentation allows you to break down any topic for more dynamic reports and assignments.

Anniversary Celebration

Capture years of memories with our Anniversary Celebration template. Upload photos and video clips of the happy couple and share it with the whole family to celebrate their love. Even better, this template can be customized to fit any romantic occasion.

About Us

The About Us template helps to tell the story of you, your family, your business, or any other group you’re involved with—just customize with your specific information.

Tell a Travel Story

The Tell a Travel Story template offers a simple way to recap and relive the most memorable moments from your recent adventures. Share with friends and followers on social with just a few clicks for a fun retelling of your travel journey.

Digital Album

The combination of music and beautiful images in the Digital Album template offers a beautiful keepsake that works for almost any genre of photography. It’s also highly shareable, so you can show your images to friends and family all at once, or even build word of mouth for your photography business.

When should I upgrade to a Professional plan?

The Free plan offers everything you’ll need for simple, share-worthy video creation on a budget, but Animoto has much more to offer when you’re ready to upgrade. The next step up from Free–and our most popular plan–is the Professional plan, which includes multiple additional features.

Here’s what you’ll get in addition to all Free features when you upgrade to Professional:

  • Unlimited video downloads
  • No Animoto branding on your videos
  • Add your logo watermark and brand colors
  • 1 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos from our Select stock library
  • One-click brand application with a Saved Brand
  • High quality video (HD 1080p)
  • 3,000+ licensed music tracks
  • 40+ professional fonts

We recommend upgrading to a Professional account if you’re someone who will be sharing your videos outside of family and friends, such as small business owners, content creators, photographers, and marketing professionals.

The Professional plan is available on an annual or monthly subscription, with annual coming in at a greater value. However, if you’re still testing the waters on video creation, monthly could be the right place to start.

Get started with Free

Ready to start your video creation journey? Sign up for your Free account today for unlimited video creation, free forever.

Still have some questions? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Team at any time, they’re always happy to help!