Social Video Bootcamp Challenge #5: Celebrate it.

Megan O'Neill


Social Video Bootcamp has been going strong for 4 weeks now and, today, we’re excited to announce our final square video challenge. If you’re playing catch up, click through for Challenge #1, Challenge #2, Challenge #3, and Challenge #4. Then, check out the video below to find out what your next challenge is!

The challenge: Celebrate it.

Our fifth challenge is all about celebrating. Your customers are celebrating all sorts of things throughout the year, from popular upcoming holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, broader themes like graduation, and fun social media events and trends like #NationalSiblingDay and Throwback Thursday (#TBT). Create a square video that celebrates with your customers! Choose a holiday, event, or trend, and make a video celebrating it.

Challenge Tips

Tip 1: Find something to celebrate!

First things first, you’ll need to find something to celebrate. Think about the things that your customers are celebrating and plug them into your calendar. Need a little help? We’re big fans of Holiday Insights, a website that lists popular monthly holidays – as well as some wacky and zany holidays that make for great social media video ideas.

REMEMBER! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, followed by Father’s Day, graduation, and the start of wedding season. How would you celebrate each of these with video?

Tip 2: Decide how you want to celebrate with video.

There are a whole variety of ways you can join the conversation and celebrate with your customers. These include everything from:

  • A video featuring products you sell that would make great gifts for the holiday
  • A fun list of facts or information about a holiday, trend, or event
  • A montage of festive photos and/or video clips
  • An event recap
  • A video greeting wishing viewers a happy holiday

Decide which works best for the holiday you wind up choosing. If you’re stuck, feel free to tap our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook for ideas. And, as always, please share your finished videos with us there too!