Pro Music Library Adds New Songs & Genre, Available For Use In Business Marketing Videos

Becky Brooks


We’ve added 150 new songs and a new “Family Fun” genre to our commercially licensed Pro music library.

Upgrade to Pro to access our 3000+ commercially licensed tracks to use for business video marketing.

Animoto Pro’s music library is now even more robust with commercially licensed music that is on par with the music you find in TV and in film (not unlike Animoto videos themselves). And the best part? They’re totally free for you to use with an Animoto Pro account. Here are a few of our favorite jams from the newest crop of songs to grace our Pro music library.

Family Fun:

Leftover Cuties – A Sunnyside:

Finn Wallace – 1 In the Sun

Justin Nihiser – Feelin Happy:


The Plastics Revolution – So They Wait

Chris Lago – Because She’s Ready to Go

Parade of Lights – Again


Tim Mahoney – What Are We Waiting For?

Breaking Laces – For Two

Ana Laan – A Vindaloo

Indie Rock Genre:

The Spruce Campbells – Black Sunbeams

The Hypo Twins – I Don’t Want to Dance

Phantods – Creature

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