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We love working at Animoto!

Here is what our employees are saying.

  • The leaders of the company make me feel like every position in the company is important and that they are invested in our success; both as individuals and the company as a whole. Animoto truly feels like a team, which surprisingly isn't the case at a lot of companies out there.
    Lyndsey Hall Lyndsey Hall
    Customer Relations Coordinator
  • There‚Äôs an abundance of treats. I like that they get the sausage-flavored ones.
    Bruce Lee Bruce Lee
    Canine Security
  • Animoto's culture is so quirky, supportive and familial-like. I can honestly say everyone's rooting for each other to not only be a better employee for the sake of the company, but to be a better person as well.
    Becky Brooks Becky Brooks
    Senior Photography Marketing Associate
  • Any work environment that trusts its employees enough to surround them with a pair of 60" tvs, an XBOX, ping pong table, beer on tap, an endless supply of Goldfish, and a way to play your music throughout the entire office is right for me.
    Jeff Kahsen Jeff Kahsen
    Director of Partner Management
  • It really seems like everyone loves being here. It's infectious.
    Ali King Ali King
    Software Test Engineer

We're one of Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC!

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Perks & Benefits

  • Competitive salaries: We know your worth.
  • Upgraded Animoto, Netflix, Pandora & Amazon Prime: Know our product, know our friends.
  • 15 days of Paid Time Off: Please, go visit your mom.
  • Paid holidays: Please, go visit your in-laws.
  • 401K: Please, save for your future.
  • Stock options: Lots of pieces make up the whole.
  • Fully paid Vision, Dental and Medical Insurance: See, smile, and be healthy.
  • Fully paid dependent Vision, Dental and Medical Insurance: Because your family is our family.
  • Flexible Savings Account/Dependent Care Savings Account: Get money for your healthcare before the IRS does.
  • TransitChek: Your same commute, just cheaper.
  • Paid Volunteer Day: Help yourself, help others.
  • Coffee: Sweet nectar of the gods, may you always flow so freely.
  • Food & drink: A stocked kitchen is a happy kitchen.
  • Relaxed environment: No tie, no heels, no problem.
  • A lounge for lounging (or Dance Central): Unleash your inner entertainer.
  • Beer Fridays: Because yesterday was Thursday.